A Christmas Gift From Intrepid English

By now you’ve probably become accustomed to the new look and membership structure of the Intrepid English website, which we launched on 1st October. If you’re still finding your way around, check out this helpful video from Lorraine.

Since then, we’ve all been busy here at Intrepid English, setting up the Community, creating self-study courses in our Academy, making new friends in our new Group Classes, and of course, putting out great, helpful and interesting content through the Intrepid English blog, podcast, and our YouTube channel!

In November, Thomas ran the 30-Day Novel Challenge, which was a great success! It will soon be available as an Academy course, with lots of lovely new content designed to help you to become a writer. This course contains writing prompts, tips and tricks, and exercises for writing and developing characters. On any other website, this course would cost hundreds to study. Here at Intrepid English, you can access our Academy courses for as little as £29 per month including two one-to-one lessons.

The Intrepid English Community is officially up and running, with badges to be earnt, and weekly competitions to be won. We are also awarding a prize for Student of the Month. You can redeem the points you earn from these prizes for more Intrepid English lessons.

Don’t say we don’t spoil you! Will next month’s Student of the Month prize have your name on it?

Intrepid English Christmas Gift Voucher

2020 has been a strange and challenging year, and Christmas will certainly be looking and feeling very different for many of us. So, as a Christmas gift from us to you, we’re offering a £20 discount on a Super Student monthly membership!

Why not make a loved one’s future merry and bright this Christmas with an Intrepid English Christmas Gift Voucher!

Rather than another stocking-filler or woolly jumper, an Intrepid English Gift Voucher is a gift which really shows that you care, because it’s an investment in your loved one’s future. Instead of another pair of novelty socks, give the gift of English fluency this year!

What does it include?

The Intrepid English Christmas Gift Voucher allows you to give your loved ones a full month of Super Student Membership for only £129.

Now, if that isn’t a cure for the January blues, we don’t know what is!

For just £129 you’ll be giving all of these gifts:

  • 1 x free trial lesson with an Intrepid English Teacher of your choice to discuss your learning goals.
  • 480 minutes of one-to-one online English lessons
    • Book online any time
    • 30-minute lessons or 60-minute lessons with any of our experienced and friendly Intrepid English Teachers.
  • 2 x 60-minute Group Classes per month.
  • Access to our extensive library of self-study courses in the Intrepid English Academy, including courses on Exam Preparation, English Idioms, English for Travelling, English Verb Tenses, Pronunciation, Business English, and much more!
  • Access to the Intrepid English Community, where you can chat and interact with Intrepid English Learners and Teachers, take part in weekly competitions, and earn badges and points which can be spent on more lessons!

The voucher can be redeemed at any time in 2021.

If you have any questions,
just click on our Chat Box 
at the bottom of your screen. 

Ask me anything!

Christmas Competition

Are you following us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook? From the 6th to the 16th December, we’ll be running an exclusive social media Christmas Competition, and there’ll be a chance for you to WIN one of three Intrepid English monthly memberships. Make sure to follow and like so you don’t miss out on your chance to enter!

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