About Us

About Us

We are a purpose-led English school and our mission is to empower English learners to speak with confidence, succeed at work, ace their exams and improve their lives. We're a friendly team of passionate English teachers who care about our students' progress. We don't just teach English, we empower our students to be the best they can be.

The Intrepid English Values

Meet The Intrepid English Teachers

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What Our Students Are Saying

I am a long-time student of Intrepid English. Lorraine, the founder of the school, has a very sincere personality, is friendly and easy to talk to, and always responds to my learning goals. In the last year, I have had lessons from Tom, who reads a lot and has a lot of vocabulary. I really recommend his lessons for anyone who really wants to learn British English. I have also taken lessons with Kate, who has very good communication skills and is very good at connecting conversations.

@Momo (Japan)

I started a course with Intrepid English to improve my pronunciation and business-related vocabulary. Lorraine is an amazing teacher! Really professional and always searching for topics that are in my area of interest to use in the classes. The classes are fun and Lorraine helps me to prepare for important meetings and negotiations at work. I highly recommend!!

@Ligia (Spain)

Gemma is a fantastic teacher, very friendly and clever. I recommend her English classes to everyone.

@Yuri (Brazil)

I have been taking one-to-one lessons Intrepid English for the last three years. I am very happy with my progress (from A2 to B2 level). I’ve seen, how much the Intrepid English website has improved recently, and it is so easy and comfortable to use it. Thanks a lot to the Intrepid English team for helping me to succeed.

@OlgaK (Russia)

Lorraine is really friendly and a very patient teacher. I was very happy with the results of learning English with Lorraine. I really liked her materials and I am always thankful as Lorraine makes my English better with advanced English words!

@Tamai (Japan)

I found lessons with Gemma very useful. She knows how to explain even the most problematic grammar issues. She also shares lots of interesting stories and insights that make lessons more entertaining. Altogether, Gemma is an excellent teacher and I sincerely recommend learning English with her help.

@Miho (Poland)