Are you a Super Student?

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At Intrepid English we pride ourselves on providing personalised lesson plans, as well as access to an inclusive community of learners, to help empower you to achieve your goals in English.

That’s why we have designed our membership packages to suit all kinds of English learners.

What type of Intrepid English Learner are you?

In this blog post, you will find all you need to know about the Super Student membership.

You can also compare the different memberships on our Memberships page right here.

Does this sound like you?

You’re an outgoing and friendly person, and love practising your language skills to connect with new people. You hate to feel stuck in a rut, so benefit from a range of different teaching styles and learning resources to keep your learning fun and varied. You’re looking for online English lessons where you can practise speaking, improve your confidence, and study online courses on a flexible schedule.

If this sounds like you, you’re going to love our Super Student membership!

What does the membership include?

The Super Student membership costs £199/ month and includes the following:

Free Trial lesson

➡ 480 minutes of one-to-one lessons
↪ This can be used as 60-minute lessons, 30-minute lessons, or a combination.
↪ With any Intrepid English Teachers including Lorraine

➡ Your own Intrepid English Community profile

➡ 2 x 60-minute Group Classes.

➡ 4x 60-minute Book Club Group Classes

➡ Achievement badges, free English lessons and a weekly competition

➡ Access to all of the English courses in the Intrepid English Academy including Business English and Exam Preparation courses.

➡ Access to vocabulary flashcards, ebooks, podcasts and more

➡ Upgrade, downgrade or cancel your membership free of charge at any time

What are our other Super Student saying?

Momo has been studying English online a Super Student with Intrepid English since 2015. Momo enjoys practising her English speaking skills and expanding her vocabulary with highly qualified teachers.

Read more student testimonials on our testimonials page, or on Instagram.

A testimonial from Intrepid English student Momo

Compare our other membership options on our Memberships page.

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