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Does this describe your organisation?

  • You work with international colleagues and clients
  • The official language of your organisation is English
  • English is spoken during corporate and social events
  • You or your colleagues don’t feel confident speaking English
  • Negotiations or presentations are always performed by the staff members who are most confident speaking English

If English is the language most commonly spoken in your organisation, but English training is not provided to employees, they are not fully equipped to do their job.  

Here’s Intrepid English Founder, Lorraine, explaining why it’s beneficial to everyone when employers invest in English training for their employees. 

For most busy professionals, it’s tough to find the time each week to study English. That’s usually because it feels like a chore. 

It’s something they should do 
rather than something they want to do.

Intensive English courses 

Large group classes

Grammar textbooks

English TV shows and films

Or they just use Google Translate

These strategies are not effective for professionals. 

This is the solution

What is Intrepid English?

Intrepid English is an online English training academy offering self-study courses and one-to-one lessons with high-quality, experienced and qualified English teachers.   

Our monthly memberships are designed for busy professionals to work on the skills they need to improve immediately:

Business English Skills Training

  • Presentation training
  • Meeting skills
  • Negotiation proficiency
  • English for sales
  • Telephoning vocabulary
  • Email writing skills
  • Preparing for international trade fairs
  • Job interview skills
  • Business English grammar
  • Public speaking mastery

Additional Skills

  • Conversational English
  • Pronunciation
  • Writing skills
  • Listening practice
  • Current affairs
  • Cultural awareness
  • Financial vocabulary
  • Exam preparation

We know that every organisation is unique. That’s why we create a corporate package that’s tailor-made for your company. 

What's included the
corporate membership?

One-to-one lessons with an English teacher

You choose the number of lessons, topics to cover and goals to achieve

Self-study courses on a wide range of topics

General English, business English, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and more

Flashcards to study vocabulary

Make your own flashcards or choose from our ready-made flashcard decks

Achievement Badges
and Points

Earn badges and collect points. Motivational and fun.

Group Classes

Corporate Group Classes and one Business English Webinars are available

Monthly usage

Receive a monthly report tracking engagement and progress

Bespoke membership options

Corporate membership is billed on the number of employees who are actively studying

Set goals to make progress fast

Each English learners has a unique learner profile. Set goals and timeframe and stay accountable

Free offline resources

Free ebooks, blogs, podcasts and audio courses available every week to download and study offline


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