All About Britain

All About Britain

All About Britain

British English and British Culture

From the UK's love of sports to its obsession with the weather, this is an 18-unit crash course in what makes Britain unique.

Develop your knowledge of British English as you learn about and discuss the attitudes, ideas, and lifestyles that prevail in the United Kingdom.

Each lesson is based on an original article written in an affectionate (but certainly not rose-tinted) style. Each unit also includes new vocabulary and talking points to discuss with your native British English teacher.

Although this is not designed to be a comprehensive overview of the differences between British and American English, important contrasts in vocabulary usage, grammar, and pronunciation are noted along the way.

This course is suitable for pre-intermediate and intermediate-level students

(More advanced-level students are also welcome to take these lessons as the teacher will be able to focus more on the discussion topics than the vocabulary if necessary.)


The lesson flow is as follows:

  • Warm-up conversation
  • Study some new vocabulary and learn its American English equivalent if applicable
  • Read aloud an article about the UK, using the vocabulary from the first section of the class. The teacher will give you pronunciation and fluency tips when necessary
  • Answer some short comprehension questions about the article
  • Complete an activity that focuses on a particular aspect of British English
  • Discuss some interesting facts about the UK based on the topic of the lesson
  • Chat freely with your teacher, either using our prepared discussion questions on the topic or branching out into whatever subjects interest you

At the end of the course, you can complete a review to check your understanding.

The course is perfect for people planning to travel to the United Kingdom. 


Lida Rocman
English Teacher
Thomas Stewart
English Teacher
Gemma McLean
English Teacher
Lorraine Venables
English Teacher and Founder of Intrepid English