English for Beginners

10 Lessons


Welcome to the English for Beginners course!

In this course, you will study conversation basics including meeting people, making a good impression and talking about a range of subjects in English.

The 10 lessons focus on real-life English. Each lesson and unit is designed to strengthen your knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary while also showing you ways to better express yourself. Sometimes the course will ask you to write or note something down. You don’t need to send this to your teacher it’s simply for you to practise what you’re learning. Start a notebook or a computer file to keep all your notes from the course together. It’s also a good idea to make a study plan. Decide on how often you can study and for how long. Think about how you like to study and your availability. If you’re not sure, you can ask your teacher for help.

You can test your knowledge with an end-of-course assessment as well as shorter quizzes throughout the lessons.

You can practise your new language skills in a 1-to-1 online lesson with an experienced English teacher.

Don’t forget there is the Intrepid Community where you can introduce yourself and ask any questions.

Let’s get started.

Lesson 1: Making a Good Impression

Lesson 2: Saying "Hello"

Lesson 3: Giving Your Name

Lesson 4: Making Sentences in English

Lesson 5: Asking Questions

Lesson 6: Talking About Yourself

Lesson 7: Language, Nationality and Country

Lesson 8: Talking about Family

Lesson 9: Talking about Hobbies

Lesson 10: Talking about Age