Welcome to this Business English Skill Set course on Job Interviews.

It’s 2021 and we are living in unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic has had an effect on almost all aspects of life, especially the job market.

Recently, there’s been much talk of ‘The Great Resignation‘ – a trending term for the fact that a lot of people are leaving their jobs. In fact, a recent survey found that one in four workers are currently preparing to look for opportunities with a new employer. In the USA, more than four million people quit their jobs in April, according to a report from the Department of Labor. This is the largest number ever on record.

If you’re part of that twenty-five percent of the global workforce currently searching for a new job, or you’re thinking about it, this course is for you.

The pandemic has caused us all to re-evaluate how we live our lives and how we work. Flexible working hours and digital nomads are terms that are becoming increasingly popular. This move away from the rigidity of the ‘nine-to-five’ office job is giving workers more autonomy and the freedom to work in a place, and on a schedule, that best suits them.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 86% of recruiters have been conducting virtual interviews. Businesses have become more globalised, and flexible working and WFH (work from home) is more acceptable for companies who once needed all their employees to work from the office. It is becoming commonplace to communicate with people from many different time zones every day.

There are several reasons why people are searching for a new job for 2022. Whether your motivation is for career advancement, or feel that working from home is non-negotiable, we want to help you to prepare to get the job of your dreams.

What to expect from the course

The course will walk you through how to prepare for the interview, some common interview practices and questions, as well as advice from reputable experts in the field of recruiting. We’ll also show you how to optimize LinkedIn for business networking and job searching. Our aim with this course is for you to feel empowered and confident to talk about yourself, to go for the job that may once have felt outside of your comfort zone, to recognise what makes you right for the role, as well as feeling able to define your own expectations, and negotiating the salary or contract that you deserve.

Remember, you can book a lesson with an Intrepid English Teacher at any time to practise what you’ve learnt. You can also ask our Chat Box to find answers and resources for general English or business English queries. Finally, you can also share your ideas and questions about the course with fellow Intrepid English Learners and Teachers in our friendly Community.

If you’re ready, let’s get started with Lesson One: Preparing for your job interview.

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