Business English Skill Set – Negotiations

Lida · July 20, 2020

Negotiations in English

Negotiating in English can seem daunting at first. When thinking about negotiations, many people think of conference rooms and people passionately arguing with each other. You may even picture a business dinner or a golf trip. The Oxford English Dictionary describes negotiation as “discussion aimed at reaching an agreement,” so it’s possible you engage in negotiation in English or your own language on a daily basis without even knowing about it.

This course is for anyone who interacts in English at work. It could be as useful for a CEO as for a shop assistant. Throughout the course, you will find a wide variety of examples, and you will be encouraged to think of examples from your own work context.

Have you ever asked your boss for a pay rise or agreed on a new role? Chances are, you used some negotiation techniques. Have you ever tried to plan an office party or a birthday surprise for a colleague? You probably had to negotiate the details with others.

Negotiating is not just about getting your way. If one side gets their way then the other side may leave disappointed and discouraged. A successful negotiation leaves both parties satisfied. If you work with the other side, you have a better chance of ending up with a win-win situation. Effective communication is key to effective negotiation.

Due to the level of language used in the lessons, you should be at B1 level or higher to study. You can study the course if you are lower, but you might struggle.

What will I learn?

This course has four chapters providing an overview of negotiation techniques used in English. It also covers some vocabulary and grammar specific to negotiating.

In the first lesson, you learn about the importance of building a relationships with your colleagues and clients. We also look at useful phrases to make sure you don’t sound too direct.

The second lesson is all about preparing for a negotiation and delivering a proposal. You will learn about some important aspects of meetings conducted in English. As always, the lesson also includes vocabulary and phrases useful for negotiations.

The third lesson focuses on diplomacy and making sure you don’t offend anyone. You will learn how to say no effectively and revise conditionals and how you can use them in negotiations. Finally, we focus on reflection and its benefits in business.

In the last lesson, we focus on team communication and written negotiations. You will learn how to avoid conflicts within a team with negotiation skills.

Want to learn more?

In addition to coursework, handouts, and quizzes, you will find links to business-related articles, podcasts, and TED talks in every unit. Reading specialised articles in English can help you get more familiar with the business environment. Listening to podcasts and TED talks improves your listening ability, pronunciation, and diction.

Your Intrepid English teachers are here to support you throughout the course. You can apply the things you learn in the course such as negotiating by email, preparing for a negotiation, and practising negotiating during your classes. You will get detailed feedback on your negotiating and English skills, and will receive points for where you can improve; delivery, intonation, grammar, diplomacy, and confidence. We can also help you create your own study plan and decide how often you should take live classes.

Have you studied any of the other courses in the Business English Skill Set series? As you go through the course, you will find links to further study on the Intrepid English Academy. Alternately, you can visit the course list and enrol in other courses you’re interested in.

Now, if you’re ready, you can start with the first lesson.

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