Do you want to prove to yourself how good you are at English? Are you thinking about studying in an English speaking country? Do you need an English certificate for a promotion at work? Do you need a bit of motivation to keep improving your level?

Then, the Cambridge Advanced Exam (CAE for short) might be a good fit for you. Like all the other English exams it follows a specific format so knowing as much as possible about the exam itself can help you achieve the score you want.


This course, as the title may hint, is for anyone thinking about taking the CAE exam. This doesn’t mean it can’t be useful if you’re not planning on taking it. To make sure you succeed at taking an exam you, of course, need to make sure your level of English is at a suitable level. You also need to know how to approach each part of the exam so that you don’t waste your time on that.

This is why part 1 of this course looks at the CAE compared with other exams and gives you some study resources to improve your overall level of English. Part 2 looks at the different parts of a CAE exam in detail, giving you some useful tips as well as activities to practise each section. This is not a comprehensive course that would teach you all the grammar necessary to sit a CAE exam. You should pair the study of this course with 1-on-1 lessons with a teacher and also self-study on the Intrepid English Academy and outside. While you can go through this course in one go, you may find the amount of information overwhelming. It is designed as a guide for a more long-term study taking you through the exam in detail.



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Part I: Taking the CAE exam
Part II: Cambridge Advanced Exam Up-Close

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