CAE Exam Preparation Course

CAE Exam Preparation Course

CAE Exam Preparation Course

CAE Exam Preparation Course

The Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) exam is widely recognised by universities, educational institutions and employers which require a minimum English level of C1 in order to study or work there.


How our CAE Exam Preparation course works

This course is based on the market-leading “Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)” textbook, produced by National Geographic Learning. This textbook has been designed for students who wish to prepare for all four papers of the exam:

  • Paper 1 Reading and Use of English
  • Paper 2 Writing
  • Paper 3 Listening
  • Paper 4 Speaking

The lessons in this course are offered at the same price as all our other classes, although students are responsible for buying their own textbook and accompanying CD, details below.


Choose the CAE Preparation course if you are looking for:

  • Structured lessons to help you to prepare for the CAE exam
  • An experienced, professional native English teacher
  • 1:1 Skype lessons at convenient times
  • Market-leading materials
  • No hidden charges

As with all our lessons, students receive detailed written feedback after each class.

(Please note that, at your trial lesson, you will not be able to study a unit from the CAE textbook unless you have a copy of the textbook and CD. The details are below.)

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our exam-preparation courses by completing a contact form.


How to order the class materials
Students are requested to purchase a copy of the textbook and class CD.
All the books and CDs are available from Amazon or can be ordered through your local bookstore.

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) 1 Charles Osbourne with Carol Nuttall with new material by Tom Bradbury and Claire Morris
ISBN-10: 1285744977
ISBN-13: 978-1285744971

Please let us know if you are having trouble getting copies of these materials and we will do our best to help.

Please note that these lessons are aimed at students who are also studying English by themselves or in classes.  It is not a general conversation course, and its aim is to help students to prepare for the challenging CAE exam. If you need help with your general English then we recommend one of our other courses such as 'All Talk' or 'Book Club'. (Please ask your teacher for advice).


Neither this course nor Intrepid English has been endorsed by Cambridge English Language Assessment. Intrepid English has no affiliation with this organisation. We shall endeavour to keep this course up to date, but Intrepid English shall not be held responsible if changes in the CAE examination are not immediately reflected in our course. Students are advised to use the Cambridge English website for definitive information.


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English Teacher
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English Teacher
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English Teacher
Lorraine Venables
English Teacher and Founder of Intrepid English