CELTA Application Preparation course 40

CELTA Application Preparation course 40

CELTA Application Preparation course 40

Pass The CELTA Application Preparation course - English for English Language Teachers

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This course has been created in conjunction with Pass The CELTA to help non-native English teachers to prepare to take the Cambridge English CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course.

The CELTA qualification is accepted by employers around the world and has a reputation as one of the most sought-after qualifications for English language teachers globally. CELTA applicants are required to pass a telephone interview and show that their English level is high enough to be able to teach learners of English. As the standard of acceptance into the CELTA is so high, applicants who speak English as a second language may find that their application is declined due to their English level being too low.

That’s why Intrepid English has created this course with support from Pass The CELTA. We understand that non-native English teachers may need extra help to reach the level required by Cambridge English to take the CELTA course.

We know that you have to pay a great deal of money to take the CELTA and that you want the best possible chance of getting a Pass A grade. Intrepid English and Pass The CELTA are passionate about providing the best support to CELTA participants at a reasonable price to help you to start your CELTA course with confidence.


How our CELTA Application Preparation course works

As with all Intrepid English courses, you will receive a tailor-made learning experience which focuses only on the areas that you need to improve.

  • The first 60-minute class involves completing a detailed assessment covering speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as some grammar questions
  • Your teacher will then write a course programme detailing the areas for improvement.
  • You are under no obligation to purchase further lessons
  • If you wish to continue to work on these areas for improvement, you can purchase individual lessons of 60 minutes for £22
  • Save 10% by purchasing a lesson bundle of 20 lessons
  • You can take your lessons at a time that suits you by using our easy online booking system
  • Your teacher will give you detailed feedback after every lesson and provide you with a variety of different homework tasks to help you to maximise your lessons

The lessons in this course are offered at the same price as all our other classes, although students are responsible for buying their own textbook and accompanying CD, details below.

Choose the CAE Preparation course if you are looking for:

  • Structured lessons to help you to prepare for the CAE exam
  • An experienced, professional native English teacher
  • 1:1 Skype lessons at convenient times
  • Market-leading materials
  • No hidden charges


Please note that this course is designed for learners of English who want to prepare to take the CELTA course. It is not a general conversation course, and its aim is to help students get through the difficult CELTA application process. This course will only be effective for students with an English level of A2 and above. If you are not sure of your English level, you can download a CEFR self-assessment grid here. If you need help with your general English then we recommend one of our other courses such as 'All Talk' or 'Book Club'. (Please ask your teacher for advice).


Neither this course nor Intrepid English has been endorsed by Cambridge English Language Assessment. Neither Intrepid English nor Pass The CELTA is affiliated, approved or endorsed by University of Cambridge ELA. This course does not contain any copyright material and is simply designed to improve participants' English in all areas required for teaching English as a Foreign language. We shall endeavour to keep this course up to date, but Intrepid English shall not be held responsible if changes in the CELTA application are not immediately reflected in our course. Students are advised to use the official Cambridge English CELTA website for definitive information. Pass The CELTA is a website sharing the personal experience and tips from a Pass A graduate, and offers a huge collection of exclusive resources and advice to help you succeed, wherever you are in your CELTA course journey.


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