Have you ever wondered what your English level is? We have a handy test to find out!

Most people agree that tests are boring… we understand that. However, it’s important that we find out what your current English level is so that we can help you to progress as quickly as possible.

This test consists of 80 questions. You will see questions about grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure and even some questions about idioms. Some may be easy, some may be harder… but this is only the first step on your journey to mastering the English language with Intrepid English.

The test is divided into four parts. The questions get progressively more difficult, so if you already are a confident user of English, you can start by taking part two or three of the quiz. We recommend taking all four parts of the quiz to get the most accurate idea of your abilities.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer, you can skip any questions you don’t know.

If you can’t complete the test in one attempt, your answers will not be saved. This is why we divided the test into four parts with 20 questions each. You can also just leave the page open and return to it later. 

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Let’s get started!

Good luck!

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