Welcome to the first course in the Pronunciation series. In this course you will learn about the basic sounds of English and how to make them correctly. You’ll also learn some tricks to easier recognise patterns between spelling and pronunciation. This course is an introduction to pronunciation and focuses on the separate sounds and words. We will look at pronunciation of sentences and conversations in the next pronunciation course. There are many technical terms in this course. You don’t need to worry about memorising them. They are there to better help you understand how to properly make the sounds.


There are three steps to mastering pronunciation:

1- Being able to hear the sounds in spoken English

2- Understanding how to make English sounds

3- Being able to make those sounds correctly

Once you can do these three things, pronouncing English words shouldn’t be a problem.


There are many different native and non-native accents in English. While this course discusses different accents, it is based on British English pronunciation. You can read more about accents and attitudes to local accents in Lesson 1. This is also where I explain in more detail the reasons for focusing on British English rather than American English.


For best results you should make sure you have access to good audio and can practise making the sounds yourself. While it’s fine to look through the theory, it is really important you practise the sounds as you study. You can’t master speaking, without doing it. This is why it might be a good idea to make sure you’re on your own when studying. This way, you won’t be feeling embarrassed to make strange sounds over and over.


If you’re ready you can move onto the first lesson of the course Introduction to Pronunciation.


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