Welcome to the reported speech course! In this course you will learn what exactly reported speech is, when and how to use it, different verbs that we can use to report speech, and how to follow sequence of tenses when reporting.

So, what is reported speech?

When we report to someone what another person has said, this is reported speech. It happens everywhere in daily life – in business meetings, at school, when meeting up with friends, on the news… it’s an important skill for advanced English speakers to master.

Try to think about the last time you reported speech – when was it? When was the last time you saw something on the news or on social media and later told someone about it? When was the last time your boss or a client at work asked you to report on something? As you can quickly see, we report speech on a daily basis.

Reporting speech isn’t as simple as just quoting what a person has said. To report speech correctly we often need to make some changes to the original statement. This is called sequence of tenses.

What is sequence of tenses?

Original statement: “I am going to take the TOEFL exam next Friday.”

1. She said, “I am going to take the TOEFL exam next Friday.” -> This is an example of quoted speech.

2. She said she was going to take the TOEFL exam the following Friday. -> This is an example of reported speech.

Before learning how to report speech, you should first master the different tenses, in order to be able to use sequence of tenses confidently. You may find Jen’s course on English Verb Tenses to be useful for a quick review beforehand.

What to expect from the course

The course is packed full of grammar explanations on how to report both statements and questions. We explore different verbs for reporting and when and how to use them. Throughout the course, you will find activities for real-life practice. You can book a lesson with an Intrepid English Teacher to talk through these activities at any time. Alternatively, you can also share your work and ideas with fellow students and teachers in the Intrepid English community.

If you’re ready, let’s begin!

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