Business English Phrase Bank

If you use English at work, you will love this handy Business English Phrase Bank. Containing essential vocabulary for all kinds of workplace situations including: Business emails, meetings, telephone and conference calls, presentations, negotiations, formal and informal English and business idioms.

Top 10 IELTS Speaking Topics

In this 36-page ebook, we introduce the top 10 most common topics that are covered in part 1 of the IELTS speaking exam. We give you lots of useful vocabulary and phrases on topics to help you prepare for exam day and get your target score. Including: Holidays and travel, technology, interests, family, food and culture.

Figure out Phrasal Verbs

If you find phrasal verbs confusing, you’re not alone! This 46-page ebook has been is packed with 130 new phrasal verbs, taught to you in 30 daily lessons. For example: look into, hang up, grow up, come across, look forward to, etc. Make this month the month you master phrasal verbs.