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Skill-up calendar 2023

We want to make 2023 the year you master English! Each month covers a different English skill and includes weekly lessons, one masterclass with an expert, videos and downloadable worksheets.

Business English phrases

Learn essential vocabulary to help you develop all of the central business skills. You will study – business emails – meetings – telephone calls – presentations – negotiations – business idioms – formal/informal English and more.

Essential English Idioms

Essential English idioms to boost your fluency in English. This free ebook contains examples and exercises. Download and start practising lots of useful idioms for any conversation.

Top 10 IELTS topics

Study the top 10 most common topics that are covered in part 1 of the IELTS speaking exam. This book contains useful phrases on topics to help you prepare for exam day and get your target score. Including – holidays and travel – technology – interests – family – food – culture and more.

Figure out phrasal verbs

Learn more than 130 of the most common phrasal verbs and discover how to use them correctly. This ebook and email course will take you step-by-step through 30 daily lessons. Some of the phrasal verbs you’ll learn – look into – hang up – come across – look forward to and more.

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