The Edinburgh Intrepid English Experience

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  • When? – 2nd – 8th September 2019
  • Where? – Scotland’s capital city – Edinburgh
  • What’s included? – Accommodation, breakfast, daily English lessons with the founder of Intrepid English including tailor-made learning materials for you to keep, plus guided tours of Edinburgh’s many sights every afternoon
  • How do I reserve a place?  – Simply book a free trial lesson with Lorraine to find out if this is the right course for you!


Intrepid English has been providing top-class online English lessons since 2013 to students from all over the world. Now, English students can develop their language skills while exploring the beautiful city of Edinburgh. You will stay in luxury accommodation in the stunning area of Stockbridge and study English with Lorraine, the founder of Intrepid English. In the afternoons, students will enjoy a daily guided tour with Elspeth, our expert tour guide.


Learn English and explore the beautiful city of Edinburgh


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How can we fit so much into one week?

Learning a language is always easier when you are having fun!

Many intensive English courses have classes of more than 20 students who are expected to sit in a classroom all day. Here at Intrepid English, we know that you learn best when you are stimulated, interested and inspired. We have created the Edinburgh Intrepid English Experience to include all of these elements and more. We want you to get the most out of your unforgettable week in Edinburgh!


[dt_sc_timeline_section][dt_sc_timeline align=”left” class=””][dt_sc_timeline_item fontawesome_icon=”home” custom_icon=”” link=”#” title=”The Intrepid English Edinburgh Experience” subtitle=”Itinerary”][/dt_sc_timeline_item][/dt_sc_timeline][dt_sc_timeline align=”right” class=””][dt_sc_timeline_item fontawesome_icon=”eye” custom_icon=”” link=”#” title=”Breakfast” subtitle=”Each morning, you will be provided with a continental breakfast”][/dt_sc_timeline_item][/dt_sc_timeline][dt_sc_timeline align=”left” class=””][dt_sc_timeline_item fontawesome_icon=”cogs” custom_icon=”” link=”#” title=”Morning” subtitle=”Three hours of intensive English lessons with Lorraine”] All learning materials are tailor-made to suit the needs of every student in the group[/dt_sc_timeline_item][/dt_sc_timeline][dt_sc_timeline align=”right” class=””][dt_sc_timeline_item fontawesome_icon=”institution” custom_icon=”” link=”#” title=”Lunch” subtitle=”We will break for one hour to have lunch”] You can prepare your own lunch or visit one of Edinburgh’s many cafes, pubs or restaurants[/dt_sc_timeline_item][/dt_sc_timeline][dt_sc_timeline align=”left” class=””][dt_sc_timeline_item fontawesome_icon=”home” custom_icon=”” link=”#” title=”Afternoon” subtitle=”Three-hour tour of Edinburgh’s famous landmarks, guided by Elspeth”] Lorraine will be there to answer any questions you have, correct any English mistakes and help all you to get the most out of your Edinburgh Intrepid English Experience[/dt_sc_timeline_item][/dt_sc_timeline][dt_sc_timeline align=”right” class=””][dt_sc_timeline_item fontawesome_icon=”eye” custom_icon=”” link=”#” title=”Evening” subtitle=”Back to the house for a review of the day and optional evening activities”] Watch a film, play a board game with the group or enjoy some quiet time in your room[/dt_sc_timeline_item][/dt_sc_timeline][/dt_sc_timeline_section]


Meet your Edinburgh Expert, Elspeth

“I’m looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge of Edinburgh with you.”

Hi, my name is Elspeth and I will be your friendly local tour guide for the week. I was born and have lived most of my life in the Highlands, although raised and educated in other areas of Scotland too, from the Orkney Isles to Edinburgh where I am now based. My family roots tap into Scotland’s rich traditional heritage. The whisky stills you see in many of the famous Scottish distilleries were once made by my grandfather whose company name still appears on them all.

My love of the outdoors and playing golf came from my Highland golf professional grandfather in Dornoch. I grew up in a family of bagpipe players and enjoy music, learning fiddle and clarsach (Scottish harp).

I’ve many years of experience as a tour designer, creating and organising personal special interest tours of Scotland, Ireland and France. It’s a real pleasure meeting people and a delight to share my enthusiasm and knowledge of Scotland’s history, culture, legends, secrets and natural beauty with you.

Languages spoken: English, French, British Sign Language level 2


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Tamae, Olga and Elspeth overlooking Dean Village

I expected to have a great time and be impressed by the city. I also looked forward to the real English lessons with Lorraine as I had been taking English lessons with Lorraine online for a year. The trip exceeded my expectations because the lessons were great and inspiring for me. It was so pleasant that Lorraine gave me the opportunity to be myself in the lessons, to have fun and enjoy ourselves. I could learn the new words and phrases from that day in my own way.

Elspeth’s stories were so interesting and funny and I experienced for the first time in my life how enjoyable sightseeing can be. It was very easy to follow Elspeth and I really liked her knowledge and charisma. She made the perfect mix of information and stories about people’s lives that we found interesting. I liked the moments at the end of each day when Lorraine reviewed the vocabulary we had learned. It was funny to remember the meanings of these words and make sentences. I like this part of learning very much.

I loved the porridge we ate for breakfast every day. I now make this at home in Russia. We were flexible depending on the weather so the schedule fit around that. It was nice to sit outside and learn when the sun was shining. I was very satisfied with the topics that we covered. I would like to visit this course again, and I would recommend it to a friend or colleague once I am sure I have my place on the course!

Olga Kasatkina, Russia 

Before I flew to Edinburgh, I was a bit nervous because I didn’t feel confident in catching what the teacher spoke in English. However, Lorraine is really friendly and very patient teacher I was very happy with the results of learning English with Lorraine. I really liked her materials and I am always thankful as Lorraine makes my English better with advanced English words!

  Tamae Arai, Japan

It was an amazing experience for me to visit Edinburgh and have English lessons with Lorraine for one week. Though my original purpose of this visit was to improve my English with intensive lessons, I could also enjoy the city very much! Lorraine taught me every day, combining the English lessons and a city trip, which was a very good balance for me.

We visited several old monuments; Edinburgh Castle, Scott Monument, Calton Hill, Greyfriars Bobby, and more. I realised that simultaneously having mental and physical stimulation is the most effective way of studying!

During all the trip, Lorraine was both a good friend and a good teacher. She also seemed to enjoy the trip with me, but she never forgot to take a memo for new vocabulary, useful expressions, and corrections of my spoken English.

Great thanks to Lorraine, my one-week intensive English training course was very successful. I would definitely recommend a similar experience to anyone who is eager to improve his/her English and to enjoy Scotland.

Masatoshi ‘Tosh’ Miki



[dt_sc_h3 type=” / type1″]How much does this experience cost?[/dt_sc_h3]

Intrepid English has always been proud to offer world-class English language training at a reasonable price. The Edinburgh Intrepid English Experience is no different. We are delighted to offer this once-in-a-lifetime experience at the low price of:

£900 per participant

This covers the accommodation, a continental breakfast every morning, refreshments during each morning’s English lessons and all entrance fees into the historic buildings we will visit during the week. This price does not cover flights, lunch, evening meals or drinks purchased during the evening activities.

We hope you can join us for this unforgettable week!


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Book a free trial lesson with Lorraine to reserve your place in May 2019



Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

***Dates for the Edinburgh Intrepid English Experience in September 2019 to be announced soon!***