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Throughout the world, the ability to read and write in English can make all the difference to a person’s life, opportunities and success. Empowering our students has always been at the heart of Intrepid English, and we are delighted to be able to help several incredible organisations to raise funds for their critical work. When you book a lesson with Intrepid English, a percentage of your lesson fee will be donated to charity. I’d like to tell you a little more about the causes that are benefiting from your kindness.


Smart Works is a UK charity that provides high-quality interview clothes and interview training to unemployed women in need. Smart Works harnesses the power of clothes and confidence to allow a woman to be her best at a crucial moment in her life, giving her the confidence, the self-belief and the practical tools required to succeed at interview and transform her life. Find out more by visiting the Smart Works website.

We donate 2% of our sales to Smart Works through Work for Good. Donation reference: PR3D131P

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Beth and Catriona from Smart Works to talk about ways Intrepid English can help their clients. I was hugely impressed by the wonderful work that they do and I’m really excited to be involved.

Refugee Action

Refugee Action works with people who have fled war, violence and persecution. They get them the support they need to live in dignity, and build safe and productive lives here in the UK. Everyone who’s had to flee their home deserves a chance to live again. Join us to stand up for refugees and people seeking asylum. Visit the Refugee Action website to find out more.

We donate 2% of our sales to Refugee Action through Work for Good. Donation reference: XLMGK8J5


Centrepoint is the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity supporting 16-25-year-olds impacted by homelessness. A lifeline since 1969, Centrepoint was launched on Dean Street in London’s Soho and has supported over 125,000 young people experiencing and at risk of homelessness. In the UK, over 120,000 young people are facing homelessness. Centrepoint provides young people with a safe place to sleep and the support they need to rebuild their life. Read about their crucial work on their website.

We donate 2% of our sales to Centrepoint through Work for Good. Donation reference: LQ86VNGE

More Charitable Work

The economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have disproportionately affected women globally. Even prior to the pandemic, it was often much more challenging for women to secure employment if they had gaps in their work experience due to having children or caring for relatives. This difficulty is multiplied when the women are not fluent in English.

This is why, in addition to the regular donations listed above, several of the Intrepid English Teachers and I offer one-to-one and group classes to women referred to us through Smart Works. We hold a regular group to help these women with their English, job interview skills and, our specialty, building their confidence.

This group is a judgement-free space where unemployed women with English as a foreign language can chat in English, meet other women in a similar situation to theirs and ask any language-related questions. Huge thanks to the incredible Intrepid English Teachers, Jo, Kate, Thomas and Lida who kindly volunteer their time to help this wonderful cause.

Keep your eyes open for any fundraising events that we will be holding in future. We know our Intrepid English Learners are lovely people, and we’d be delighted to include you in our future fundraising activities. If you are interested, please contact Lorraine at lorraine@intrepidenglish.co.uk

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This blog was written by Intrepid English Teacher and Founder, Lorraine.

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