The Future Tenses

Today we have the third part of our English Grammar Tense Cheat Sheets. Make sure you bookmark this page. Scroll to the bottom for questions to practise. Let’s get cracking.


future simple will When do we use it?

  • future intentions at the moment of speaking We’ll collect you from the airport.
  • predictions about the future. When I grow up, I’ll be an Astronaut.

future simple going to When do we use it?

  • future intentions or plans decided before the moment of speaking He’s going to move to Australia after he graduates.
  • predictions based on present evidence. Now you’ve stopped eating junk food, you’re going to lose weight quickly.

future continuous When do we use it?

  • future activities in progress as a specific future time. At 7:30am tomorrow, I’ll be eating breakfast.

future perfect simple When do we use it?

  • future actions that will be completed before a specific time. She’ll have learnt basic Vietnamese before she moves there next year.

future perfect continuous When do we use it?

  • future duration activities that will be in progress up to a specific point in the future. By the end of August, she’ll have been working from home for 3 years.

Future Tenses Cheat Sheet

Intrepid English Study Tip: Flashcards aren’t just for kids. They are a fantastic way to learn, test and review new vocabulary – and homemade ones can be made so easily. Use both sides of the flashcard, one for the word you want to learn and either a picture or the word in your first language. Don’t forget to add the part of speech (noun, adjective, verb …) and syllable stress on the English side.

Practice Questions

  1. How will you celebrate your next birthday? (future simple)
  2. Where will you be tomorrow? (future simple)
  3. What are you going to do with your life? (going to)
  4. Where are you going to go on your next holiday? (going to)
  5. What will you be doing this time next year? (future continuous)
  6. What will you be eating for dinner tonight? (future continuous)
  7. In the future, will you have retired before your country’s retirement age? (future perfect simple)
  8. What will you have done by the time you go to be bed tomorrow? (future perfect simple)
  9. What will you have been doing by the beginning of 2025? (future perfect continuous)
  10. What will you have been doing tomorrow morning by lunch? (future perfect continuous)

Please leave your answers in the comments below.

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