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    Hello everyone!

    I would like to know something… what area of English would you like some help with? What are you currently learning that you need a little clarification on?

    One of my students asked me today “What’s the best way to learn phrasal verbs? There are so many strategies, I don’t know which one to follow.”

    Well, whenever I have a huge task to complete, I like to break it down into manageable pieces. There’s no point in trying to memorise 20 phrasal verbs every day because it’s likely that you will forget what you have learned.

    I recommend creating a daily habit of learning one phrasal verb and using it in a sentence that day.

    In a month, you will have learned to use 30 phrasal verbs. In a year, you will have added 365 new phrasal verbs to your vocabulary.

    Now, it’s not enough just to read your daily phrasal verb. You have to use it. As many times as you can that day. You will be much more likely to remember it in a week, or a month… and soon enough you will be using your new phrasal verbs without even thinking about it.

    “Great. Can you give me some phrasal verbs to get started?”

    **Ping** (That’s the sound of me having a great idea) “I will send you a new phrasal verb once a day for a month. How does that sound?”

    Fantastic! This is a perfect example of how valuable it can be to ask your teacher for their advice. The Intrepid English Teachers and I love to know what our students are working on so that we can help. And if you are struggling with an area of English, then it’s very likely that other students will be struggling with it too. It could be grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, sentences structure… anything you like.

    So, what area of English is challenging you today?

    Please comment below and one of the Intrepid English Teachers will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Thanks and happy learning!




    I would love to know some British slang



    Hi Tess,

    How are you today? Thanks for your message, it’s always helpful to know what our students want to work on.

    British slang – what a fun subject to study. We would love to create some materials about British slang. I’ll let you know when it’s available on the website.

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    Have a great day.


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