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    Jennifer Rogers

    The most asked question from all our students is without a doubt – “What’s the best way to study English?”

    I think there is always a secret hope that the answer will be an easy and immediate shortcut to English learning success. If only!

    So – teachers and students – we want to know your #learningtips.

    What’s been the secret to your success? Don’t be shy.



    Hi everyone,

    Great question, Jen! I would say that one great tip I have for learning vocabulary is to write the new words and phrases down on a flashcard.

    But, that’s not all. I write as much information as I can about that word, including its verb and noun forms, any collocations or prepositions that go with the word, and some example sentences containing the word.

    It might seem like a very long-winded process, but I think its more effective than just writing the translation. You learn a lot about the words and how it’s used.

    Of course, it’s also important to review your flashcards regularly so that you don’t forget these new words and phrases.

    Also, make sure you use your newly learned vocabulary as much as possible in conversation.

    If anyone would like more information on this technique, please let me know. I’d be happy to help you to start your flashcard collection!



    Gemma McLean

    That’s such a great question, Jen! Lots of students ask this and it’s tough to answer because everyone is different and we all learn in different ways.

    I repeat what Lorraine has already said: Flashcards. When you learn a new word or phrase, write it on a flashcard and practise, practise, practise. If I learn a new phrase, I like to challenge myself to use it in a conversation with someone that day. Not only does it help me to remember the phrase, I also feel fantastic knowing that I’ve learned something new and used it.

    Something else I like to do is watch a TV show in the language I want to learn. It’s great for listening practice and I’ve learned lots of new words this way. It’s best if you can find a TV show with subtitles. That way, if you hear a word that you don’t recognise, you can see how it is spelled find it in a dictionary. When you feel more confident, you can turn the subtitles off and feel fantastic about yourself when you can understand what’s happening just by using your listening skills.
    Also, make sure that the TV show you’re watching is one that you enjoy! Then your learning will be more fun, and it won’t feel like studying at all 🙂


    Richard Schobinger

    Good morning Jennifer and everybody. Jennifer, you’re asking about the secret of my success? I’m still on my way to improve my English. But I’m sure if I keep on going, the secret can only be this: the discovery of Lorraine’s Intrepid with all its many possibilities. Thank you all for doing a great job. I wish you a great weekend, Richard



    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your message. I am glad you are enjoying the Intrepid English Academy and I look forward to helping you to improve your English. It’s wonderful students like you who make Intrepid English so great!

    Have a wonderful day,


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