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    Lida Rocman

    Are there any words or sounds that you struggle with?

    How do you study the pronunciation of new words?

    For example, I used to struggle with the word “cemetery” because of the stress in the word. Nowadays I know how to say it properly but I still get nervous when saying it, just in case I mess up. Post your examples below.

    Check out our blog post Sound Like A Native Speaker in 7 Easy Steps for some tips on improving your English pronunciation.

    If you’re an Intrepid English Academy member you can also study the Pronunciation course. You will learn and practise making all the sounds in standard English. You will also learn about the relationship between each sound and the ways we spell them.

    Some things, unfortunately, you simply have to memorise. Have a look at the words below and try to decide which ones are pronounced the same way. Hint: there are six different pronunciations of the “ough” suffix.












    If you’re not sure you can check the Oxford English Dictionary for phonetic transcription and recordings. Make sure you’ve selected British English, it’s always a good idea to follow one pronunciation model to avoid confusing yourself.

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    • This topic was modified 2 months, 4 weeks ago by Lida Rocman.
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