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1. Create an Intrepid English Profile - Make it yours!

  1. Upload your profile photo
  2. Add a cover image
  3. Provide details about who you are and where you are from

2. Choose a Course:

– What is your top priority right now?
– Do you want to be more confident in speaking English?
– Are you preparing to take an English exam?
– Do you have trouble understanding your English-speaking colleagues?
– Whatever you need to improve, we have a course for you.

Not sure where to start? We have a range of learning paths to help you to boost your
English ability in all areas.

For more information, feel free to book a lesson with one of our experienced teachers to
discuss the best course or lesson path for you.


Keep all of your study materials in one place and access your courses at any time.
If you are not sure where to start, our experienced teachers can recommend the courses
that will be most useful to you.
Choose from our huge library of English resources to work on the skills you need to master right now.


3. Practise with a Teacher:

When you have completed each course, you can book a one-to-one lesson with an
experienced English teacher who will help you to practise the skills you have learned,
correct your mistakes and even recommend the next course for you to take.

4. What Equipment do I Need to Get Started:

You will need a Skype account. You can download this for free by clicking the button below.

To get the most out of your lessons, you will also need earphones with a microphone and a webcam.

5. How Can I Pay:

We have made the process as simple and affordable as possible. You can use Paypal or
Stripe to pay for bundles which can be used to buy self-study courses or one-to-one lessonswith your English teacher.

If you have any questions, please **contact us** and we will help you to get started as soon as possible.

For group lessons you will need to download TeamViewer. This will enable you all to see me clearly in real time. Just click on the following link and follow the instructions.

You will need a good enough internet connection to have a conversation without interruptions. This is why it very important that we have a FREE demo lesson using Skype or Zoom to check that your equipment works to the required standard.


I also recommend that you invest in a headset with a microphone. The quality of the sound is much better than the microphone which is built into your laptop. iPhone earphones work well, too.


You can use any bank card to pay for individual lessons or lesson bundles. To make a purchase, please select the lesson or course you would like and follow the instructions.

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