Group Class Timetable – January

Hi Intrepid English Learners! 🤗 Happy New Year! 🎄🌟🎉

Here is procedure for booking a group class:

  • ⏰ Every month, we’ll share a blog post with all the Group Class times.
  • 🔗 In the blog, you have links to book a seat and join the class when it starts.
  • 📧 If you need to cancel, just follow the instructions in your confirmation email.
  • ⤵️ You can find step-by-step instructions at the bottom of this blog.

If you have any questions, just send us a message through the chatbox – we’re always happy to help! 🤗

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Time: Tuesdays @ 3.00 pm (GMT)Book a seat
Teacher: Kim
Topic: English for Travelling
Join the class


Time: Tuesdays @ 11.00 am (GMT)Book a seat
Teacher: Lida
Topic: English at Work
Join the class


Time: Wednesdays @ 2.00 pm (GMT)Book a seat
Teacher: Thomas
Topic: Idioms
Join the class


Time: Thursdays @ 6.00 pm (GMT)Book a seat
Teacher: Kate
Topic: Conditionals
Join the class


Time: Thursdays @ 11.00am (GMT)Book a seat
Teacher: Lorraine
Topic: Business English Writing Skills
Join the class

How can I join a Group Class?

* Simply choose a class from the list above and book a seat.
* Enter your email address or voucher code in the ‘Redeem Code‘ field.
* Join the class by clicking on the link above.
* There are 8 seats available per class, so please book early!
* The classes are held via Google Meet.
* You can join the class in your browser (we recommend Google Chrome).

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