House and Home Idioms – Part 3

Blue and white interior of a home, showing an armchair next to a small table

Welcome to the third and final instalment of this blog post mini-series on ‘house and home’ related idioms. Make sure to check out parts one and two if you haven’t already. In this blog post, we will look at five idioms related to specific parts of the house.

1. Everything but the kitchen sink

This is a funny expression that people use to make fun of a person who appears to have over-packed.

“I can’t believe you’re taking two suitcases for a ten-day trip. You must have packed everything but the kitchen sink!

“This bag is so heavy, I can barely lift it! I’m starting to regret packing everything but the kitchen sink now.”


2. Lead someone down the garden path

If you lead someone down the garden path you deliberately deceive them.

“Don’t be so gullible! He’s leading you down the garden path.”

“He led me down the garden path and made me think the relationship was going somewhere.”


3. Throw money down the drain

We use this idiom to describe wasting money in a careless or stupid way.

“Remember to turn the lights off when you go out. Otherwise, it’s just throwing money down the drain.”

“We really should cancel that Netflix subscription; we never use it! We’re throwing money down the drain.


4. Smoke like a chimney

If someone smokes like a chimney, they are a heavy smoker.

“I’m not surprised you’ve got a sore throat today! You were smoking like a chimney last night.”

“Uncle Charlie smokes like a chimney. At the barbecue yesterday he got through a whole packet! He’s just throwing money down the drain if you ask me.”


5. Hit the roof

When someone explodes with anger and loses their temper, we can say that they hit the roof.

“My mum hit the roof when I told her I’d failed my science test for the second time.”

“I can’t believe you borrowed Sara’s dress without her permission and spilt wine on it. That dress is her favourite. She’ll hit the roof!



Now test your understanding! Fill in the sentences below with the correct idiom from the list above.

  1. “I lost my dad’s camera last night. I’m really scared to tell him. He’s going to ________________.”
  2. “Charles is very good at arguing his case, but don’t let him_______________.”
  3. “Ed really struggled with the 5K fun run, but I’m not surprised; he didn’t do any training and he ______________.”
  4. “Kara’s bag is massive! She’s packed _____________________.
  5. “That gym subscription I got in January was just _______________________. I’ve only been once!”


Discussion Question (free answer):

  1. What’s something that you consider to be throwing money down the drain and why?

         Post your answers in the comments below.


This blog was written by Intrepid English teacher, Kate.

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