Intrepid English Videos: Jo’s Walk and Talk Series! ????

If you follow us on social media, and specifically if you subscribe to our YouTube channel, you may have noticed some videos from Intrepid English Teacher Jo’s awesome Walk and Talk series popping up here and there!

Starting back in 2020, Intrepid English Teacher Jo began filming for her Walk and Talk series to help you learn functional English vocabulary in context, all whilst exploring different corners of the globe, from the comfort of your own home.

Jo is an avid traveller, but she hasn’t let the current international travel restrictions stop her exploring further afield. After filming a series of walks near her home, (at the beach, at a train station, through a rather muddy woodland, and an English churchyard), Jo decided to harness the power of Google Earth, and now, the world is her oyster!

So far we’ve been to Guatemala, Iceland, India, and Ireland, to name just a few. Jo has got plenty more videos and travel tales up her sleeve. You can check out the series in this YouTube playlist below. Don’t forget to head on over to our YouTube channel to like and subscribe so you don’t miss upcoming adventures.

Check out all of Jo’s Walk and Talk videos below:

Simply click on the video you’d like to see. Or you can watch all the videos in the YouTube playlist below.

Welcome to Intrepid English, Jo! (Jo’s Meet The Teachers interview) ????

Beach Walk ????

Christmas Walk ????

Train Station Walk ????

Woodland Walk ????

Riverside Walk ????

Churchyard Walk ????

Google Earth Walk and Talk in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala

Google Earth Walk and Talk in Iceland

Google Earth Walk and Talk in Transylvania

Google Earth Walk and Talk in Kerala, India

Google Earth Walk and Talk in Ireland

Google Earth Walk and Talk in Vanuatu

Google Earth Walk and Talk in Georgia

Where would you like to go for the next Walk and Talk? Send us a message on any of our social media channels, using the green chat box, or leave us a comment over on YouTube!

Where shall we go next?

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