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Hello Intrepid English Learners! For those of you that follow us on social media, you may have noticed some Q&A questions popping up on our YouTube channel. At the beginning of 2021, we decided that we would host a monthly Ask Us Anything! You ask, we answer! You can check out all the videos in this handy YouTube playlist.

Check out all of our Q&A videos below:

Simple click on the question you’d like to see the answer to. Or you can watch all the videos in the YouTube playlist below.

What makes Intrepid English different?

How to speak English without thinking in your native language first

How to book a FREE trial lesson with Intrepid English

How do I book a seat in an Intrepid English online group class?

Why should I follow Intrepid English on social media?

How do I become a member of Intrepid English?

On which platform do the one-to-one lessons take place?

What is going on on the Intrepid English YouTube channel?

How to translate the Intrepid English website into any language

Do you have a question about Intrepid English or just about learning English in general? Ask us using the little green chat box! We host monthly Ask Us Anythings on our social media, so be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest to submit your question!

As well as questions about the Intrepid English website, booking your lessons, joining Group Classes, using the flashcards or studying the courses in the Intrepid English Academy, you can also ask questions related to grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and more. If the chat box can’t find the answer, an Intrepid English Teacher will get back to you!

Ask away! ????

Book a free trial lesson with any of the Intrepid English Teachers to discuss your English goals with an experienced and friendly Intrepid English Teacher who will help you to plan a learning strategy that’s right for you.

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Hello, and welcome to the Intrepid English podcast. My name is Lorraine, and today, I have a conversation for you. My friend Alyssa is a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant in London. And when I told Alyssa that we were creating a diversity and inclusion course, in the intrepid English Academy, we had a lovely conversation about why diversity and inclusion are so important. I asked her to join me on this podcast as an expert in this field, to break down these big topics so that our English learners and the listeners of this podcast can understand a little bit about what diversity and inclusion are, why they’re so important, and give you a little bit of language that you can use to increase your awareness and broaden your horizons in these essential areas.


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