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Diplomatic Language

Kate July 21, 2020

Before we begin, let’s go over some vocabulary you will find in this section of the course. Feel free to refer back to this page as you move through this section.


Brash (adjective) – assertive in a rude way, pushy

Slang (noun) – informal, casual language

Perplexed (adjective) – extremely confused

(To be) smooth sailing (expression) – easy, without problems or obstacles

When doing international business, it’s important not only to be able to communicate fluently, but also in a way which is respectful and polite.

We have already looked at a couple of ways of doing this – embedded questions and tag questions.

The language we use when communicating in a business setting should be formal and diplomatic to cultivate good working relationships.

Using diplomatic language allows us to come across as respectful and avoid seeming brash, rude or offensive. We should also be sure to avoid using slang or informal language.

The art of diplomacy is a vital skill for maintaining relationships and avoiding offending or upsetting people.

In this lesson we will take a look at some expressions for explaining yourself diplomatically in different business situations.