Meet the Intrepid English Teachers – Jen!


Welcome to Intrepid English, Jen!

Thanks! It’s great to be part of the team.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Of course! I’ve worked in education since I graduated – gosh that’s 15 years ago! I’ve managed education programmes and worked on administration teams, but my true passion lies in teaching students and developing courses. About 5 years ago I entered the world of online teaching and I have to say I’ve really enjoyed the move. From a student’s point of view there just seems to be so much more flexibility in this style of learning. From a teacher’s point of view, I find it easier to tailor online lessons to a student exact learning needs. I’ve taught English in Beijing, Edinburgh, London and Taipei. Now I live outside London in my hometown with my family. I spend the majority of my free time with my family. I love for us to cook and eat together, and spend as much time as possible being active, especially outside.


Tell me about your experience of living and teaching English abroad.

I loved it! I moved into teaching English as a foreign language to meet people I otherwise wouldn’t have and expose myself to different cultures, languages and environments. Moving abroad gave me all these experiences and more. It was the best thing I ever did. I always encourage people to take similar pathways if they show an interest in doing so. The worst that could happen is you decide that it’s not for you and head home sooner than expected. If you never try, then you’ll never know.


What do you like most about learning languages?

Feeling like a language detective! I used to eagerly read my Chinese Mandarin homework to figure out the sentences and their meaning. Sometimes it took me ages but it was so satisfying to have a sentence that made sense at the end of it.


What’s the hardest thing about learning a language?

Staying motivated! I find that my energy to learn goes through ups and downs of enthusiasm. To stay motivated I try to study with people where possible, change my study environment and apply anything I learn immediately in to practise.


What advice would you give to English language learners?

Think about why you want to learn English. Break this goal up into smaller targets to work on systematically one by one. If you put the English dictionary down in front of anyone they wouldn’t want to open it. It’d be far too overwhelming. Smaller goals are more manageable and more feasible to obtain.


You mention you loved living abroad but you went back to London, why?

Good question! Previous to moving back to London I lived in Beijing, and by the end of my time living there, I felt like I was ready to leave. People I was friends with started to leave, my job wasn’t as exciting as it had been when I first arrived, things were changing and I was ready to change with them. I like change and I love variety. I never even go on holiday or trips back to the same places. The new is exciting for me.


Is there anything else you’d like to say to our Intrepid English students?

I can’t wait to meet you all and hear about your lives and study journeys.


This blog was written and recorded by Intrepid English teacher, Jen.

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