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Lida Rocman


Czech, in the process of also becoming a British citizen


This is a difficult question to answer for me. I am always in the process of learning some language. I grew up speaking Czech and I speak English and Slovak at a native speaker level. I am fluent in French though I don’t use it very often. I can understand a lot of Italian and a bit of Swedish but I can’t speak much of either language. I know the basic grammar of Icelandic and German. I would like to improve my Icelandic and Italian.

Teaching Experience


English Teacher


I have been teaching at a small language school in Edinburgh since 2016 and online since 2017. I work with students from teenagers to adults and we concentrate on improving communication skills and building up on the students’ previous knowledge. I’ve always been interested in  education and when I was finishing my degree in linguistics (concentrating on phonetics and accents) I decided to get a CELTA certification. At the moment I am working on my MA in Online and Distance Education.

I find teaching incredibly rewarding and a lot of fun. Growing up surrounded by languages made me want to understand how language changes our perspectives but also entire cultures. Thanks to teaching I get to learn about language from my students’ point of view as well as help them with their English. I like to tailor lessons according to exactly what you need and want to achieve. I like to focus on the natural use of language and communication skills. I usually structure my General English lessons around a topic of interest or a current issue.


General English

Accent Reduction

Exam Skills (IELTS)

English for Young Learners

Business English

More Info

Background Information


My name is Lida and I am an English teacher based in Scotland. I love learning about different cultures and discussing what makes us similar and different. When I’m not teaching or learning a language I like to cook and bake, play video games, read or get out into the countryside for a bit of camping and hiking. I am interested in current issues and politics, environment, and technology.

I have a degree in Language and Linguistics, a CELTA certificate, and I continuously work on improving my teaching skills through self-study and training. I have experience with students from all over the world and I can focus your lessons on exactly what you need and want from your learning experience.
I am a Czech native speaker and I have been living in English speaking countries since I was a teenager. I am living proof that if you put in the effort, you can master a foreign language. Learning languages is one of my greatest passions and I love sharing all the joys and frustrations with my students.


Courses I teach

All Courses

Level Assessment Test

by Lorraine

Most people agree that tests are boring… we understand that. However, it’s important that we find out what your current English level is so that we can help you to progress as quickly as possible.
This test consists of 50 questions. You will see questions about grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure and even some questions about idioms.
Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer, you can skip any questions you don’t know.
Some may be easy, some may be harder… but this is only the first step on your journey to mastering the English language with Intrepid English.
We’re very excited to get started!
Good luck!

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1 Lessons



English for Beginners

by GenUp Digital

The 10 lessons above focus on real-life English. Each lesson is designed to strengthen your knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary while also showing you ways to better express yourself.

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10 Lessons

English Verb Tenses

by Jennifer Rogers

Verb tenses are the backbone of English grammar and are the source of confusion for English learners the world over. This is a crash course into the twelve verb tenses in English and some of their main uses. It’s a helpful way to get an overview of this area of English grammar.

Here at Intrepid English, we have helped countless students from all over the world feel more confident using English verb tenses correctly. We know that some verb tenses can be easy to learn, and others take a long time. Understanding the rules is the first step, and using those rules correctly takes practice.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to include all of the uses for every verb tense in this course. That’s why we have created much more detailed courses, which are available to members of our Intrepid English Academy.

If you are not yet a member of our Academy, you can book a one-to-one lesson with one of our friendly and knowledgeable English teachers who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about English.

So, let’s get started!

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12 Lessons



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