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One-to-One Lessons

Our friendly and experienced English teachers will help you to master English at your speed.

Each one-to-one lesson is is tailor-made to meet your English learning needs.


What Are One-to-One Lessons?

One-to-one English lessons are ideal for students who don't find the typical English class very effective. In our online English classes, our teachers find out exactly what you need to learn and they create personalised lessons that focus on the areas you need most. We also try to make our lessons as fun and interesting as possible so that our students enjoy their learning process.

One-to-one English lessons are an excellent way to

  • Improve your conversational English
  • Build your confidence when using English
  • Study British or American English pronunciation
  • Develop business English skills
  • Prepare for English language exams
  • Learn interview skills
  • Become a great public speaker

Either on their own, or in combination with the many fantastic English courses available at the Intrepid English Academy, one-to-one English lessons are great for all students.

Our Team

Book a one-to-one lesson with an experienced English teacher who will help you to practise the skills you have learned.
All of our teachers are trained to make sure you progress as quickly as possible and they will give you feedback after every lesson.
Get real-time practice speaking English and build your confidence in a fun and effective environment.

Why Choose Intrepid English?

At Intrepid English, we want you to succeed as quickly as possible.
Each and every one of our students has their own set of learning needs.
We believe that one-to-one, tailor-made lessons will help you to learn exactly what you need to, at your own speed.
Make the most of your one-to-one lessons by combining them with our range of self-study courses from the Intrepid English Academy.

Trial Lesson

Book a FREE trial lesson to discuss your learning needs and goals.

Learning Strategy

Receive detailed feedback and a suggested learning strategy from your teacher.


Commit to taking regular lessons to progress as quickly as possible.


Study, chat and have fun with other English learners in our Intrepid English Community.

Lorraine is really friendly and a very patient teacher. I was very happy with the results of learning English with Lorraine. I really liked her materials and I am always thankful as Lorraine makes my English better with advanced English words!

Tamae Arai

I found lessons with Gemma very useful. She knows how to explain even the most problematic grammar issues. She also shares lots of interesting stories and insights that make lessons more entertaining. Altogether, Gemma is an excellent teacher and I sincerely recommend learning English with her help.


Gemma is a fantastic teacher, very friendly and clever. I recommend her English classes to everyone.


How To Get Started

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Select a Time and Date

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Book Your Free Trial Lesson

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Book a Lesson

You can book private one-to-one English lessons to support your learning. We offer all new students a free trial lesson, after which you can pay for individual lessons, or save up to 10% when buying 10 lessons.


+What equipment do I need to get started?
You will need a Skype account. You can download this for free by clicking the button below. To get the most out of your lessons, you will also need earphones with a microphone and a webcam.

You can download Skype here:

+Do I need a webcam?
We recommend that you invest in a headset with a microphone. The quality of the sound is much better than the microphone which is built into your laptop. iPhone earphones work well, too.
+How can I pay?
We have made the process as simple and affordable as possible. You can use Paypal or
Stripe to pay for bundles which can be used to buy self-study courses or one-to-one lessonswith your English teacher.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will help you to get started as soon as possible.