S1E3: What is Small Talk? (Part 3) Transcript

S1E3: What is Small Talk? (Part 3) Transcript

Welcome to episode 3 of the small talk audio courses. I want us to look at some examples of good and bad small talk:

(Bumping into a colleague in the lift)

Simon: Hi, Bill! How have you been?

Bill: Not too bad, thanks. And yourself? How’s everything going with the Green’s project?

Simon: Yeah fine, thanks. It’s going well. We hope to have things wrapped up by the end of the week.

Bill: That’s good to hear. I know you were all working really hard on that.

Topic: Work

Good or bad?: Good

(Mike sees a new colleague who started last week by the vending machine)

Mike: Hi, Mary, isn’t it?

Mary: Yeah that’s right.

Mike: Nice to meet you. I’m Mike.

Mary: Nice to meet you, too!

Mike: So what’s it like working with Anne? I heard she’s really picky!

Mary: Umm, it’s fine…

Topic: Gossip

Good or bad?: Bad. Mary is clearly uncomfortable and has got a very bad first impression of Mike.

(John bumps into his neighbour at the supermarket)

John: Hi, Jane! How’s it going?

Jane: Yeah fine, thanks! How are things with you? Lovely weather, isn’t it!

John: Yeah it’s fine weather! We’re heading over to Jill’s sister’s this evening for a barbecue so I’m just stocking up on some beers.

Jane: Oh that will be nice. Tell them both I said hi!

John: Will do!

Topic: Family, mutual acquaintances.

Good or bad?: Good

(Introducing a new member to the team)

Lionel: Hi Kelly, I’d like you to meet Sara. She’s from our London branch. She travelled down today.

Sara: Hi Kelly, nice to meet you.

Kelly: Nice to meet you, Sara. Wow, what a lovely coat! Is that a Burberry? How much did it cost? Those things are so expensive!

Topic: Money/personal appearance.

Good or bad?: Bad. Whilst the intention may be good (giving a compliment on Sara’s coat), talking about money or personal finances is not a good topic for small talk.

Well, that’s all for now. Stay tuned for episode 4 where I will offer some more tips for small talk. 

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