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One of the best ways to raise awareness of your products or services is to create engaging content giving a short overview of it. This type of article gives background information about your product or service and condenses it into an easy-to-read and easy-to-share article.

This type of content is most effective when kept below 500 words.

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Request: Write about hiking boots

Word count: 400-450 words

Keywords: Hiking boots, summertime, outdoors, men's and women’s hiking boots, walking, hiking socks

Choosing the perfect hiking boots

It’s been another crazy week at work and the whole family is looking forward to the weekend. As we stride into summertime, the sunny weather is urging us to get outdoors and breath the fresh country air. So lace up those hiking boots, grab some trail mix and blow those cobwebs away.

It can seem like a daunting prospect to take the whole family out for a day of hiking, but just a little bit of preparation can set you up for a weekend of invigorating exploration and wholesome fun. You just need a few essentials; starting with a good pair of hiking boots.

A robust pair of hiking boots will ensure you stay comfortable and dry no matter what the terrain. If you are relatively new to the world of outdoor pursuits, it’s easy to find a reasonably priced pair of hiking boots that will be suitable for a wide range of activities. If you plan to scale a rugged mountain, look for hiking boots that offer ankle support and a thicker, sturdier sole. For those of you who prefer long walks on softer, grassy terrain, a more flexible, low-cut boot will serve the purpose.

Of course, the weather conditions will have a huge influence on the types of hiking boots that you buy, with men's and women’s hiking boots available in a variety of sturdy fabrics. It’s always a good idea to wear hiking boots that are waterproof, not just water resistant, especially if you anticipate heading into soggy or muddy areas.

Real leather hiking boots will last for years if you take care of them. Don’t worry if they feel a little on the heavy side to begin with, they make take a little bit of breaking in, but once those beauties have moulded to the shape of your feet, you’ll be glad you made the investment.

Whatever the weather, it’s always advisable to wear proper hiking socks. These will help you to avoid painful blisters and keep your feet nice and dry. They will also help your hiking boots to fit better to the shape of your feet, so make sure you wear your hiking socks when trying on your new hiking boots. I always recommend people take at least one spare pair of hiking socks in a plastic bag to keep them nice and dry. When you find a nice little pub to relax in after your hike, you’ll want warm, dry feet to accompany your cold, wet beer.


Request: Overview of a streaming service of Tamil, Telugu and Hindi movies.

Word count: Under 350 words

Keywords: Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Hindi movies, streaming movies, online streaming services

Watch Tamil, Tegulu and Hindi Movies from your home

The global movie industry has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Nowadays, the movie industry is worth billions of dollars worldwide and the cinematic work of world-renowned movie studios can be streamed into any household in the world with an internet connection. This accessibility to world-class movies has transformed Indian cinema especially, with the availability of Indian movies online. In the past, Indian movie lovers would have to travel to a cinema in order to watch their idols perform in these colourful and vibrant motion pictures. Nowadays, it’s possible to stream world-class Indian movies without leaving home.

Around 1,600 Indian films are produced every year in a wide range of Indian languages, and the Indian movie industry continues to grow in popularity and reach every year. One of these languages is Tamil, which boasts a thriving motion-picture industry of its own. Fans of Tamil cinema can access a huge catalogue of Tamil movies online through streaming services such a [client's name removed], an online streaming service. Tamil movies are popular not only the Chennai, where it began, but throughout the world. More people than ever before are using these online streaming services to watch their favourite Tamil movies online.

For fans of Telugu and Hindi movies, these streaming services also provide access to a vast collection of captivating Telugu and Hindi movies online, including the latest releases from 2017 such as the hugely popular [name of product removed]. This service makes it easier than ever to select the particular language of Indian movie you would like to watch and enjoy the drama, beauty, action and love stories from your home. [client's name removed] puts Telugu and Hindi movies at your fingertips and covers all of the main genres such as action, drama, comedy, romance and thrillers with fans accessing their favourite Telugu and Hindi movies from their homes every day.

The only question left to answer is, which movie will you watch first?


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