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What our students are saying

I’m extremely happy about my progress. Intrepid English is so rich in content that the only thing I miss is having more time to study! I recovered my confidence in English speaking and I’m very excited to go on toward my next goal and improve more every day.

Alessandra, Italy

After having lessons with Intrepid English, I scored extremely highly in my English A-Level exam. I was so pleased with my results, I took the CAE exam and achieved my goal level of C1.

Theresa, Germany

When you join a language course with Intrepid English, you do not just meet a teacher, you meet friends who take the essential steps to success with you. You meet a community of students spread around the world who share the same goals. At Intrepid English, you seek to improve your language skills and meet the world at the same time. And it’s a lot of fun. Thank you so much, Lorraine and team!

Richard, Switzerland

When I moved to the UK, I was so afraid of talking to others, making mistakes, hesitating because of lack of vocabulary… all of these negatively affected my daily life. After I found Intrepid English, I started to see the improvement of my language skills, and that was the start of new opportunities for me. You helped me enjoy the learning process and realise I’m much better than I thought. I want to thank you for helping me to be me again in this new language!

Sevgi, Turkey

I tried various learning English themes at Intrepid English: general, academic, and business English. Consequently, I asked them to support my team… as they did with me. Thank you, I appreciate your kind support and cooperation.

Mohammed, Saudi Arabia

I got a very nice job offer, and I will start my new job in September. They gave me very nice compliments about my English skills. Thank you Intrepid English, I owe you a lot

Batu, Turkey