“I felt comfortable soon after the first lesson started, thanks to the warm and friendly atmosphere created by Lorraine. I feel more confident when I speak English, as her lessons have helped me expand my active vocabulary and expressions as well as improve my grammar skills. I am especially grateful that she has helped me make preparations for an English presentation. Thanks to her advice and guidance, I was able to deliver my talk with confidence. I am happy with the results of learning English with Lorraine. I will definitely recommend Intrepid English to friends or colleagues who are interested in learning English.”

– Mizue

“Lorraine is the best English teacher I’ve ever had. Thanks to her I’ve made big progress concerning my language skills in a very short time. Her methodical skills are excellent. She is not only a professional, English teaching is her passion! I’ve perceived her enthusiasm and extraordinary motivation from the first meeting and enjoy every lesson with her. If you learn with Lorraine, you will be not only very successful but you will love to learn each English word.”

– Dr Joanna Kowalska.
Wermelskirchen, Germany

“Though I didn’t feel shy before I started lessons with Lorraine, I felt too much pressure that I had to speak fluently. As I started lessons with her, I realised that more important things for non-native speakers are clarity and accuracy, which I believe I have improved dramatically by following her advice. I felt comfortable after just a few lessons, because soon she taught me the right points to focus on for my improvement. Her cheerful attitude has also accelerated my improvement. I definitely have got to feel confident in speaking English because I have focused on speaking practices in her lessons and her advice has always been appropriate. I’m happy with the results. Lori is not only a good teacher in regular lessons, but offers me various other support, such as proofreading, preparation for interviews, finding supplemental materials, etc. I would recommend her to some of my colleagues who are enthusiastic to improve their English levels.”

– Masatoshi Miki
Nishinomiya, Japan

“I was excited to meet Lorraine even though my English wasn’t perfect because my former English teacher recommended her as a great teacher. I felt comfortable from the first lesson. I feel most confident in my English progress when I take one or two lessons per week. I am so happy with my results and I don’t think I would change anything about the lessons as Lorraine is the perfect teacher. I have recommended her to my friends.”

– Eiko Osada
Yokohama, Japan

“Excellent lessons from Lorraine. She is very kind and inspirational and can discover easily the student’s needs. She is also a very communicative tutor and she customizes the lessons to meet my specific needs.”

– Tasos Dallas
Athens, Greece

“Lorraine is always well prepared and her lessons are interesting and diversified. She is always in a happy mood”

– Sonja Fassbender
Cologne, Germany

“Lorraine is an awfully nice English teacher. She is highly motivated but always chilled to teach you the language in a straight but friendly way. She speaks clearly with a British accent. If you don’t understand her once, she will illuminate or paraphrase it very well for you. You’ll love her, like we do!”

– Aisha Leuchsner
Cologne, Germany

“Lorraine was our teacher for two years. In this time she was always very motivated and well prepared for our lessons. She was always open to our proposals, we could bring our own items into the class, for example, an interesting article from a newspaper or something regarding our job. Lorraine speaks very clearly and at the right pace so it is easy to understand and follow her explanations. She notices when we need her help to find the right English word or phrase. Her lessons vary as she finds the right mixture of grammar, reading and speaking lessons and the homework doesn’t take a lot of time. I like that she doesn’t interrupt us when we talk. She notices the mistakes and corrects us after we have finished the sentence.”

– Tina Arens
Cologne, Germany

“Lorraine is a very professional English teacher, she is always patient with her students and always friendly and helpful. I will miss her and her English lessons.”

– Christiane Lehmann
Cologne, Germany

“I have a lot of fun learning English with Lorraine, I think that’s the best motivation. I like also a good mix of working with the student’s book, free speech and discussions about everything and grammar.”

– Helmut Horn
Ehrenfeld, Germany

“I always looked forward to the evening class with Lorraine (irrespective of a stressful day) because her teaching is casual but motivating and never boring.”

– Heiko Martin
Cologne, Germany

“I dare say I count myself happy that Lorraine is my English teacher. Every lesson is amusing and far apart from silly course book learning. Especially I am excited about our free conversation and mutual support in our class and her style running the classroom with ease.”

– Joachim Schaaf

“Lorraine prepares her lessons with structure and she considers the needs of the individual participants sensitively and professionally. Her classes involve grammar and continuous reviews. I felt very comfortable and enjoyed her lessons.”

– Claudia S
Cologne, Germany

“Lorraine has created a very interesting and varied class. She is always well prepared and very committed. Moreover, her friendly and cheerful manner and her animated humour made a relaxed lesson.”

– Christiane Thielen

“I only had one lesson each week but Lorriane managed to increase the group’s level with little steps. We are grateful to have had her as a teacher since 2011.”

– Christian Dyck
Marsdorf, Germany

“Lorraine is an outstanding English teacher with a great personality. I can truly recommend her to someone who wants to learn English in an effective and pleasant way.”

– Gregor
Cologne, Germany

“Lorraine is a very nice and pleasant teacher. She is always interested and considers the suggestions of her participants and prepares the lessons very carefully. Lorraine is very open and communicative and she is engaged in taking care of the different characters and their skills in the group.”

– Annette Baumann
Cologne, Germany

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