The World of Walking

a man is walking on a beautiful sunny day on a green hill with a forest and other mountains in the background

What is walking to you? An activity? Exercise? An event? A distance? It could be any one of these.

For me, it is an experience. Probably because I prefer to walk long distances: trekking. This means that I like to choose an extensive trail that takes me across a country, the longer, the better. What is the longest walk I have ever been on? I walked from Cadiz, Spain, to Santiago de Compostela. It took me 6.5 weeks and it was a 1200 km journey. Not bad for a grandmother! You might ask, what is the highest you have ever walked? I climbed Pichincha in Ecuador several decades ago. It was the first real summit climb I participated in and the feelings matched the view: absolutely breathtaking. The vista was unbelievable, the most unbelievable sight I had ever seen!

As a child growing up in Germany, I remember seeing a person walking alongside the road with a backpack on. And as we drove past, I asked my mother, “Why is that person walking?” As I recall, I did not receive a very satisfying answer. Decades later, I find myself time and time again putting on my backpack and walking. Now it is my mother who asks, “Why do you want to travel like that?” I tell her, “Because what I experience cannot be felt by riding a train, what I see cannot be viewed from a car, where I go cannot be reached by bus; only on foot.” I experience a land one step at a time!


Find the adjectives, comparatives and superlatives in the story and fill in the chart!

longlongerthe longest
the highest
realmore real
unbelievablethe most unbelievable


trekking (noun) – hiking for long distances with a backpack that contains everything you
need for living
decades (noun) – a decade equals 10 years
summit (noun) – the highest point of a mountain
breath-taking (adj)– something so beautiful that it takes the breath away; a feeling that
little could be better
vista (noun) – usually a wide open view of land
satisfying (adj) – a feeling of being content and wanting no more
time and time again (idiom) – repeating an action or activity, again and again
backpack (noun) – equipment used for hiking or trekking. This special bag is carried on
ones back.
on foot (phrase) – a mode of transportation using feet only

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