Group Class Timetable – September

Hi Intrepid English Learners!

Here is the procedure for booking a group class:

  • 1. Simply choose a class from the list below and click ‘Book a Seat’
  • 2. Select your timezone from the menu
  • 3. Enter the voucher code BOOKASEAT
  • 4. You will receive a confirmation email
  • 5. When it’s time, just click the ‘Join the Class’ link in your email, or in the list below
  • 6. You will be directed to Google Meet which is where we hold the Group Classes

*If you need to cancel, just follow the instructions in your confirmation email*

Music and Film

Time:Wednesdays @10.00 am (BST) Book a seat
Teacher: Thomas Join the class
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Science & Technology

Time: Tuesdays @ 11.00 am (BST) Book a seat
Teacher: Lida Join the class
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Book Club

Time: Wednesdays @ 2.00 pm (BST) Book a seat
Teacher: Thomas Join the class
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Grammar Club

Time: Thursdays @ 4.00pm (BST) Book a seat
Teacher: Kate Join the class
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General Conversation

Time: Thursdays @ 11.00am (BST) Book a seat
Teacher: Lorraine Join the class
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If you have any questions, just send us a message through the chatbox!

Happy to help!

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