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Reported Commands

Kate October 16, 2020
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What is a command?

With a command, we tell someone to do something.

To form a command we use the simple form of the verb.

Here are some examples:

“Open the door!”

“Put the dishes in the dishwasher.”

“Remember to put the parcel outside.”

For a negative command, add the auxiliary ‘don’t’ to the beginning of the sentence.

“Don’t forget to call your mother.”

“Don’t eat those cookies! They are for later.”

“Don’t turn the computer off. I’m still working on it.”

How do we report commands?

We use the verb told to report commands, and follow this structure:

Subject + told + object (receiver of the command) + to + verb + command.

To report a negative command, add ‘not’ before ‘to’:

Subject + told + object + not to + verb + command.

For example:

“Eat your broccoli!”

The mother told her child to eat his broccoli.

“Don’t touch this wall. The paint is drying.”

She told us not to touch that wall because the paint was drying.

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