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Reported Requests

Kate October 16, 2020
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What is a request?

When we ask someone to do something, this is a request.

We can simply use “Please” to frame the question, or use polite expressions such as “Could you..?”, “Can you…?” “Would you mind…?”


“Please open the window.”

“Would you mind sending me that document, please?”

“Please could you read this for me?”

For negative, use “Please don’t”, or add ‘not’ to any of the polite expressions.

“Please don’t put those boxes on the floor.”

“Would you mind not sending that document out until tomorrow, please? I still need to check it.”

How do we report requests?

We use the verb ask to report requests, and follow this structure:

Subject + asked + object (receiver of the request) + to + verb + request.

To report a negative request, add ‘not’.

Subject + asked + object + not to + verb + request.

For example:

“Please could you help me with me homework?”

She asked me to help her with her homework.

“Please don’t arrive before 3pm.”

They asked us not to arrive before 3pm.

As we have already seen in the Reporting Direct Questions lesson, for affirmative requests, we could also report these sorts of questions with the following structure:

Subject + Reporting Verb (ASKED) + Object + Whether OR If + Reported question.

She asked me whether I could help her with her homework.

With reporting commands and requests, we are always asking/telling someone to do something. Therefore we should always include the object in the report.