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Original Statements in present perfect or present perfect continuous should be reported in past perfect or past perfect continuous.

Since we can’t go any further back than past perfect, statements in past perfect stay the same. We don’t need to make any alterations, apart from the pronouns.


Original statement: “Sarah has lived in France since 2016.”

Reported statement: “She told me that Sarah had lived in France since 2016.”

Original statement: “My partner and I had been living together for more than five years when I proposed.”

Reported statement: “He said that they had been living together for more than five years when he proposed.”

The time expressions most commonly used with present and past perfect – ‘for’ and ‘since’ don’t change.


Time to pause again and do some more real-life application of what we have learned so far. Find a YouTube video of an interview with a celebrity you admire where they talk about what they have been doing recently. Perhaps it’s a singer or band talking about an album that they have been working on, or a sportsperson describing how they have been preparing for a big event.

Report what they said in the video. You can do this verbally, or write it down. Allow yourself 20-30 minutes to do this.

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