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Talking about Work and Mutual Acquaintances

Kate July 30, 2020
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As we have seen, work and mutual acquaintances are a common topic for small talk. Let’s look at some useful vocabulary and expressions for this topic.

Asking about work

  • So, how’s the project going?
  • How’s the new project coming along?
  • What’s new in/at (branch, department, team)?
  • How are things in/at (branch, department, team)?
  • How did it all go with the (client, project, event)?

Talking about mutual acquaintances

  • How is Maria these days?
  • Have you seen John recently?
  • What’s Joe up to?
  • I haven’t seen Amy in a while. How is she doing?
  • How are the team getting on? (Note: Whilst in British English it is common to use the plural ‘are’ in reference to the team as they/them, in US English ‘the team’ would more commonly be referred to as the singular ‘it’ — “How is the team getting on?”

Responses to the above questions

  • He / She is fine, thank you.
  • They are doing very well, thanks.
  • Fine, thanks. They send their regards.