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The following verbs follow the reporting structure of verb + gerund.

admit, apologize for, deny, insist on, mention, recommend, suggest

Let’s take a look at some examples:

“It was me who spilt wine on your cream jacket…”

She admitted spilling wine on my cream jacket.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have borrowed it without your permission.”

She apologized for borrowing it without my permission.

“That’s not true! I never said that!”

He denied saying that.

“I am taking my teddy into school! I don’t want to leave it at home!”

The little girl insisted on taking her teddy bear into school with her.

“I saw Phil last week. I bumped into him at the supermarket.”

She mentioned bumping into him at the supermarket.

“If you are feeling nauseous, you should eat some ginger biscuits.”

He recommended eating ginger biscuits.

“Have you tried turning the computer off and on again?”

The tech team suggested turning it off and on again.

Bonus verb: Accuse somebody of + gerund

“It was you who ate the last chocolate biscuit! There are crumbs on your sweater!”

She accused him of eating the last biscuit.

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