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Verb + [that] + someone + (not) verb in simple form

Kate March 18, 2021
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The following verbs follow the reporting structure of verb + [that] + someone + verb in simple form.

recommend, suggest

“You should increase your intake of fruit and vegetables, and aim to do some cardiovascular exercise at least three times a week.”

The doctor recommended that the patient eat more fruit and veg, and exercise three times a week.

“Have you thought about joining a local club? This would be a great way to meet new people!”

The therapist suggested her client join a local club.

For negative suggestions or recommendations, add ‘not’:

“Don’t waste time playing video games. You need to finish your homework”

The father suggested his son not waste time playing video games, and instead get on with his homework.

“You should really try to reduce the amount of alcohol you’re drinking on weekends.

Her doctor recommended she not drink so much.

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