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Want Someone to Do Something

Kate October 16, 2020
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Whilst not technically a ‘report’, this topic follows the same structure as reported commands and requests.

Subject + want + object + to + verb + compliment.

Rather than saying, for example, “My dad wants that I go to university”, we say, “My dad wants me to go to university.”

Let’s look at some other examples:

I want my teacher to give me an A grade.

My friend wants me to go to his party.

The crowd wanted the band to play the song again.

In negative, use the appropriate auxiliary, depending on the tense and subject (i.e. don’t/doesn’t/didn’t).

For example:

His parents didn’t want him to go to the party, but he went anyway.

She didn’t want her cousin to borrow the dress.

The boss doesn’t want us to send the report yet.


Think about when you were a child. What sorts of commands and requests did your parents and teachers give you. What about your friends? What did your friends want you to do? What did your family want you to do? Was it the same, or different?

Alternatively, think about your job. What are some things that your boss asks, or tells, you to do? What about your colleagues? Do you ever have to ask your workmates to do something?

Allow yourself 20-30 minutes to write down some ideas. Then, when you’re ready, you can book a lesson with an Intrepid English Teacher to discuss this and practise using the structures you have just learnt.