Video Playlists

Ask Us Anything

LIVE every Friday at 10.00 am (UTC) The Intrepid English Teachers are here to answer your English language questions. 

Should I write ‘you’re’ or ‘your’? 
Which preposition should I use: ‘on’, ‘in’ or ‘at’? 
What’s the difference between past simple and present perfect? What’s the best way to practise my pronunciation? 

Come along and learn lots of useful language tips to help you speak English with confidence and smash your goals! 

Meet The Teachers

Meet the wonderful Intrepid English Teachers. 

Get to know the team as Lorraine asks each of the teachers about their journey to becoming a teacher, their experiences of teaching and learning languages and their advice for English learners. 

You can book a lesson with any teacher right here.  

Don’t forget to write down any new words and phrases from these videos and practise them with your Intrepid English Teacher.

Jo's Walk & Talk Series

Join Intrepid English Teacher Jo on her travels. 

Josephine has travelled to many countries and experienced many cultures. When the pandemic cause lockdowns in the UK, Jo explored her local neighbourhood… and took us with her!

The Intrepid English Learners loved her videos so much that she decided to show us some of the beautiful destinations she has visited using Google Earth. 

In this series, you can travel the world from your armchair with expert guidance, all while you learn functional and fun English vocabulary!

Intrepid English Values

What are values and why do we have them? 

As a purpose-led English school, Intrepid English has five values which are at the centre of everything we do. 

They are: Growth Mindset, Community, Empowerment, Personalisation and Inclusivity. In this video playlist, the Intrepid English Teachers explain what each of these values means, and why they are so important to us. 

Don’t forget to write down any new words and phrases and practise them with your Intrepid English Teacher.

Lessons Learned

English level: Upper-Intermediate > Advanced

Lorraine interviews inspiring people to ask them what lessons they have learned from their extraordinary experiences. 

See the world from different perspectives including: 
– Diversity and Inclusion Specialist, Alyssa Ordu
– Disability-Awareness Advocate, Isaac Harvey
– Health and Mindset Coach, Margaret Bell
– Therapeutic Coach, Martine Gibson
– English Teacher and Environmental Activist, Harry Waters

Don’t forget to write down any new words and phrases and practise them with your Intrepid English Teacher.