Weather Idioms

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If ever you are stuck thinking what to say in English, you can start a conversation about the weather! ⛅

Let’s look at how to improve your conversation with some new idioms in Kate R’s recent Ask Us Anything Live event on our YouTube channel. Don’t forget you can also download your free Weather Idioms Cheat Sheet at the bottom of the blog to practise!

✨Kate R answers your English language questions every Friday LIVE at 10am UTC!✨Do you have a question for Kate’s next live event? Let us know by leaving a comment or sending us a message.

Why should I learn English idioms?

1. They allow you to express difficult ideas

These weather idioms are useful in many contexts. They are metaphorical which means that they use something you can see, hear or feel—like snow, thunder or wind—to talk about ideas that are less tangible (able to be touched or noticed with your physical senses).

2. They improve your cultural understanding

How is happiness like sunshine? How is a hard-hearted person like ice? Why does rain mean trouble? People shape a language, but language also shapes people. When you learn English weather idioms, you get more insight into the “personality” of the English language. That means that you can better understand how English speakers think about different ideas and it is definitely one of our favourite topics of conversation!

3. They make your speech more interesting

Adding English weather idioms to your conversations will help you speak more interestingly. These expressions will give nuance (small differences of meaning) to your speech, letting you express yourself in more interesting ways.

Intrepid English members can study idioms in more detail with our extensive Essential English Idioms self-study course in the Intrepid English Academy.

You can also download our free ebooks of Essential English Idioms and Essential Business English Idioms!

Don’t forget to download your free Weather Idioms Cheat Sheet.

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