Welcome to the new Intrepid English website!

Whether you are new to Intrepid English, or you have been one of our students for a while, welcome to the new Intrepid English website. We have designed it with our students in mind. We hope that you find it easy to use, fun and beneficial to your English learning progress.

Some exciting things you will find:

In addition, there are two taster courses on our homepage that you can try, completely free of charge!

We LOVE to hear from our students, so please drop by the Intrepid English Community to say hello, chat about grammar, business English, or anything you like! Feel free to leave us a comment about the new website, give us feedback, make suggestions (no matter how ambitious or unusual), or ask us a question.

But most exciting of all…

On 1st November, we will launch the Intrepid English Academy!

Lorraine is extremely excited about the Intrepid English Academy!

Members of the Intrepid English Academy can:

We want to make this your one-stop-shop for all things related to English. Your feedback will help us to make this the best possible place for you to master English, build your confidence and achieve your goals.

Have a successful day!

The Intrepid English Team