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Hello and welcome! My name is Lorraine and I am the Founder of Intrepid English. You might know me already from my videos, podcasts, and live webinars. Whether you’re new to the Intrepid English Community or you’ve been a member for a while and want to know more about our membership levels, you can find out all you need to know right here.

The Intrepid English website is a membership platform. That means our students pay a monthly fee for the same number of lessons every month. We have four membership options to choose from, which you can read about below. Our monthly or yearly memberships encourage English learners like you to get into the habit of taking regular lessons.

Your membership renews each month (or year), so if you have fallen behind with your studies, each new month is a fresh opportunity to get back on track. We also have a lot of fun and interesting features, like self-study courses, an amazing Community of English learners, achievement badges, weekly competitions, special offers and prizes for working hard to achieve your goals.

You can also check out our Memberships page or take our fun quiz to find out which membership option is right for you. As always, if you’d prefer to speak to one of the lovely Intrepid English Teachers, feel free to use our Chat Box at the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

Did you know..?
You can ask the Chat Box questions about grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, pronunciation and many more topics to find resources on the Intrepid English website that will answer your question. If the Chat Box can’t find the answer to your question, one of the Intrepid English Teachers will get back to you with an answer as soon as they can. Handy!

What Type of English Learner Are You?

Laid-back Learner

Laid-back Learners are students who like to study by themselves but meet a teacher once or twice a month. This is a great option for beginners or pre-intermediate level English learners as there’s no pressure to rush. Laid-back Learners prefer more self-study English resources, but realise that lessons with an experienced English teacher are important and want to have the opportunity to book a lesson at least once a month.

For only £29 per month, Laid-back Learners can have access to all the general English and grammar self-study courses in the Intrepid English Academy. So, if you’re short on time or money, but like to study in your own time with fun and interesting courses, this membership option is ideal.

Fluency Finder

This is the most common type of English student. These are the regular learners who have progressed steadily due to their routine of one or two English lessons per week. Many of these students are interested in one-to-one lessons with their teacher but also enjoy group classes from time to time. Fluency Finder members who combine one-to-one lessons, group classes and self-study courses will achieve their target level quickly.

For £99 per month, this membership option is excellent value as it includes 4 hours of one-to-one lessons with any Intrepid English Teacher, exc. Lorraine. You’ll even get one free Group Class each month.

Super Student

We have a growing number of Super Students at Intrepid English. Some of them are preparing to take an English proficiency exam, such as the IELTS or TOEIC exams. Others need to boost their English skills to succeed at work. A few of our Super Students just love learning English and thoroughly enjoy discussing British culture, pronunciation and a whole range of other topics in English.

Super Students usually take two 60-minute lessons per week and study the self-study courses in the Intrepid English Academy too. Because they are highly motivated to learn English, they want to be able to access all of our highly-rated resources at any time and be able to ask their English teachers questions without having to wait until their next lesson. Due to the frequency of their lessons, these students make great progress and really have fun in the process.

At £179 per month, this membership option offers the best value out of all of our courses and includes lessons with all of the Intrepid English Teachers inc. Lorraine. You’ll get two bonus Group Classes for FREE every month!

Intensive Improver

From time to time, students require VIP treatment. Maybe they need to prepare for a big business trip or presentation. Perhaps they have a short timeframe to prepare for an exam or job interview. It’s possible that they have a goal to go from beginner to fluent in a year. Or, maybe their intensive English course in an English speaking country was cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whatever their reason, the Intensive Improver membership is for them.

Daily 30-minute lessons with our experienced English teachers, business English webinars, Group Classes, career coaching and access to all the courses in the Intrepid English Academy are all included. Whether it’s just for a month or for a whole year, this level gives you unlimited access to all of our resources.

Get 12 months for the price of 10 with our
yearly membership options!

The Intrepid English Community

We have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the members of the Intrepid English Community who have told us that they love to be part of such a supportive group and they have been amazed by the motivation our Community provides. We’ve seen a record number of students reaching their goals due to having regular, fun and exciting lessons combined with self-study courses on a wide range of English topics.

Feedback from the Intrepid English Learners

At Intrepid English, we understand that things change. Flexibility has always been one of our main values and our students know that we will always do our best to adapt to their changing needs. That’s why we have designed our Memberships so that students can upgrade or downgrade at any time. If you need to take some time off your English studies, you can cancel your subscription at any time. When you’re ready to start again, you can just sign up on our Memberships page. There’s no joining fee and it’s really easy. You know we’ll be glad to have you back.

Still need some help to decide which membership is right for you?

Take our quick membership quiz below:

If you have any questions about the website, booking your lessons, joining Group Classes, using the flashcards or studying the courses in the Intrepid English Academy, you can just open the Chat Box and type in your question.

Chat Box

If you’d prefer to talk to us directly, you can book a free trial lesson to discuss your English goals with an experienced and friendly Intrepid English Teacher who will help you to plan a learning strategy that’s right for you.

This blog was written by Intrepid English Teacher and Founder, Lorraine.
Find out more about Lorraine on her Intrepid English Teacher profile page

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