Be part of our English Reading Community!

Did you know that we run a weekly Reading Group for Intrepid English members?

Every Wednesday at 10am – 11am BST we get together and read a new article covering a wide range of topics such as; Health, Science, Technology,  Philosophy, Spirituality, Law, Crime and Humour as well as fictional and non-fictional stories of all kinds.

Everything is considered and our members are encouraged to offer suggestions if they wish!

Here you can have a look at our 2023 collection and get an idea at what we discovered last year.

What to expect from Reading Club

Some articles can be more challenging than others but please do not let that put you off! Our group is very supportive of each other and we take our time to ensure comprehension of both vocabulary and key concepts.

In a typical session, each student takes turns to read a portion of the article out loud. During this time I may make small corrections to pronunciation as they go along. As one person reads, the other students have the ability to highlight any words or phrases that they need help with and once a student has finished their section of reading, we review and clarify the terms before moving on.

Once we’ve finished the article we will discuss some of the ideas presented within the text.

Each week we try to create a very collaborative and engaging experience so students can have fun learning as they read together.

How to join us

Reading Club is included in all of the Intrepid English Memberships, so if you are an Intrepid English Member, please come along for a session and see for yourself, we’ll always be happy to see new faces!

Finally, if you have any further questions then please feel free to get in touch with me either through the members area of the Intrepid English website or send me an email:

Thanks for your time and I hope to see you at the Intrepid English Reading Club soon!


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