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When I moved to the UK, I was so afraid of talking to others, making mistakes, hesitating because of lack of vocabulary… all of these negatively affected my daily life. After I found Intrepid English, I started to see the improvement of my language skills, and that was the start of new opportunities for me. You helped me enjoy the learning process and realise I’m much better than I thought. I want to thank you for helping me to be me again in this new language!

Sevgi, Turkey

How it works

Watch and listen to our Founder, Lorraine, explain how Intrepid English works and why it could be just what you need to propel your career and your life to new levels of success.


We hand-picked our global team of exceptional teachers

They will work on a personalised plan to make sure you are set on a path to a new life.

Here are the 4 main ways you can learn with Intrepid English:

1. High quality 1-to-1 lessons

From hand-picked, experienced teachers who care about your progress. They will teach you English the right way with a personalised success plan.

2. The community in your pocket

Our enthusiastic membership community will motivate you to progress, practice and learn. And with our new app, you’ll be able to carry it in your pocket!

3. Self- study courses to improve any English skill

All members have unlimited access to our whole course library. Study business English, graammar, pronunciation and much more!

4. Corporate training with a difference

Our CPD-Accredited English programme for organisations will give your team the boost they need for a fraction of the cost of traditional corporate language programmes.

Learn English on the move

You can learn English wherever you are with our brand new app!

Our membership plans

All Intrepid English membership plans give you access to our self-study courses, the Book Club group class, stimulating and rewarding community activities, and our brand new mobile app – so you can learn even when you’re on the move. The main difference is in the number of monthly hours you get with your favourite teacher.

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Billed Monthly
Billed Yearly

All plans include:

  • Free weekly Reading Club group class
  • Free weekly goal setting masterclass
  • Library of self-study courses
  • App for learning on-the-go
  • Monthly membership: cancel any time
  • Upgrade or downgrade to suit your schedule
  • Weekly challenges and competitions
  • Win badges and prizes
  • Weekly blog and podcast
  • 500+ video lessons


£49 per month

1x 60 minute lesson or
2x 30 minute lessons a month


£129 per month

4x 60 minute lessons or
8x 30 minute lessons a month


£189 per month

6x 60 minute lessons or
12x 30 minute lessons a month


£229 per month

8x 60 minute lessons or
16x 30 minute lessons a month

A global team of hand-picked 
teachers focussing on your success

We only hire excellent English teachers at Intrepid English. Your success is our priority! We are constantly developing our skills to ensure our students stay excited about their English learning journey.

Don’t know which teacher to choose? 
No problem! Book a trial lesson now, and get help in choosing the perfect study partner from our team of passionate and friendly English teachers.

Kate R

Kate developed her skills running Wall Street English in Paris,



Natalia is from Russia and lives in Scotland with two Ukrainian refugees. She has been teaching English for 20 years and loves to teach yoga!

LOCATION: Scotland


Lida joined us in 2018 and is our Director of Studies. She has degrees in Linguistics and Education. Lida speaks four languages!

LOCATION: United Kingdom


Laura is from Spain, but has been living in New Zealand for several years. Laura teaches English to students of all ages and levels.

LOCATION: New Zealand

Kate B

Kate B was born in England and studied English and American Literature. She loves travelling, animals and trying new cuisines.



Juliana has an MA in Geographical Information Systems. She has worked as a model and a volunteer teacher. She’s excited to meet you!

LOCATION: South Africa


John has taught English to every kind of English learner. John hosts our Book Club group class every week and he’d love to see you there.

LOCATION: United Kingdom


Heba joined Intrepid English in 2023 and has a wealth of experience teaching English to a wide range of levels and ages.



Josephine has visited and taught English in more countries than any other Intrepid English Teacher!

LOCATION: United Kingdom


Joanne moved back to the UK from China in 2020 and joined our team straight away. She has lived and taught in several countries.

LOCATION: United Kingdom


Gemma was the first teacher to join Intrepid English in 2016. She’s worked as a radio DJ and studied Chinese at the University of Edinburgh.

LOCATION: United Kingdom


Caitlyn has been an Intrepid English Teacher since July 2021. She has a masters in Political Science and World History.

LOCATION: South Africa

Free resources

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