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‘Tis the season! Are you feeling festive yet? You may have noticed some merry and bright vocabulary popping up on our social media pages. This blog post will cover several Christmas themed idioms and give examples of how to use them.

Plus we have a special early Christmas gift for you! 🎁 Read on to find out more.

1. Like a turkey voting for Christmas

This idiom is used to describe voting for something which is against one’s own self-interest.

For example: The workers are in favour of the policies which would reduce their healthcare benefits. It’s like turkeys voting for Christmas.

2. All (one’s) Christmases come at once

This idiom is used to describe when a person experiences extremely good luck or fortune, often many lucky things at once.

For example: Just a few days after getting a new job, Mary found a buyer for her house. It’s like all her Christmases come at once!

3. Light up like a Christmas tree

If you light up like a Christmas tree, you look extremely excited and happy, perhaps after hearing some great news.

For example: The little boy lit up like a Christmas tree when his parents told him they were going to Disneyland.

4. Christmas came early

This idiom is used when experiencing a happy and unexpected surprise.

For example: I gained two big, new clients, and finally paid off my mortgage this month. It’s like Christmas came early!

5. As snug as a bug in a rug

Not technically a Christmas idiom, but during this season in the UK, you may hear this fun phrase being used. The cold weather means that you often want to be wrapped up in a blanket or a big jumper, as snug as a bug in a rug.

For example: After a long, snowy walk, he sat by the fire with a big blanket and hot chocolate, feeling as snug as a bug in a rug.


Fill in the spaces with the correct idiom from the list above.

1. Just one day after receiving his promotion, John hit the jackpot on the lottery. It was __________.

2. When he realised he had won, he __________.

3. It was a frosty morning so it was difficult to get out of bed because I was __________.

4. Agreeing to work on Christmas day would be like __________.

5. Intrepid English are offering free group classes for the whole month of December, so now my friends can join me in my English classes. It’s like __________.

A Christmas gift from Intrepid English – FREE Group classes!

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On the topic of Christmas, we have an early Christmas gift for our readers! We know that learning is better with friends, and that’s why for the month of December, all Intrepid English Group Classes are completely FREE to both Intrepid English members and non-members! Chat with friends in English and discuss fun topics such as:

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👩‍🔬 Science and Technology⠀
👩‍🏫 English Grammar⠀
🗨 General Conversation⠀ 

Group Classes are a great opportunity to chat in an informal setting about interesting and relevant topics with an Intrepid English Teacher leading the discussion. After the class, receive detailed and personalised feedback on grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

It’s so easy to book your seat. Just go to the blog timetable, select the class you want to join, and book your seat!

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