Different words to use instead of ‘nice’

“It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice!”

John Templeton

The word ‘nice’ is possibly one of the most common and most frequently used words in English, and to be perfectly honest it’s one of my least favourite words! 


Because English is a rich and diverse language and there are many other different words you can use instead to be more specific and make your English more interesting.

The word ‘nice’ can even make your level of English sound lower than it actually is. 

So what can you use instead to improve your fluency and level in English? 

Alternatives to ‘nice’

If you’re talking about the weather why not use: 

  • – Fine : The day we arrived was fine and warm
  • Pleasant : It was pleasant weather for a picnic.
  • Lovely : Sunday was a lovely spring day.

To talk about a person, use words like:

  • Charming : He turned out to be a charming gentleman.
  • – Delightful : A delightful woman helped my grandmother on the bus.
  • – Kind : It was kind of you to invite me.
  • – Likeable : He seemed so likeable and friendly.

To describe a meal, use:

  • Appetising:  Mmm something smells appetising
  • Delicious : Strawberry jam, cream and scones is simply delicious
  • Scrumptious : That cake looks absolutely scrumptious! 
  • – Tasty : Thank you for the very tasty meal. 

 For talking about things such as clothes, try using: 

  • Beautiful : The coat in the window was beautiful but very expensive. 
  • – Elegant : I thought your mum looked very elegant at your wedding.
  • – Smart: She looked very smart for her interview.

So next time you are about to describe something in English, try and use one of the adjectives above instead of boring ‘nice’!

Check out my quick video on these adjectives to make learning them easier!

If you have any questions on grammar, pronunciation or vocabulary points in English, check out my Ask Us Anything playlist or comment below. Of course you can also book a trial lesson and ask me anything directly:


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