How to incorporate language learning into your daily routine

It’s a new year, and that means people all over the world are making new year’s resolutions. A new year’s resolution is a goal that you make for something you want to change or achieve in the new year. Some of the most common new year’s resolutions include getting fitter, following a healthier diet or lifestyle, or learning a new language.

When learning a new language, it’s a great idea to immerse yourself in the language as much as possible. If improving your English is on your ‘to do’ list for 2024, we’ve got some top tips in today’s blog post for how to incorporate your English learning into your day-to-day life and make sure you achieve your goals this year.

Listen to English Podcasts

Listen and learn on the go with an English podcast. For news and current events in British English we recommend the Guardian’s Today in Focus, or for American English, try The New York Times.

There are podcasts out there for all tastes and interests, whether it’s psychology, sports, science, nature and the environment, comedy or history, there’s a podcast out there for everyone’s tastes.

For episodes on English grammar, study tips, business English, idioms, and much more, check out The Intrepid English Podcast on all good podcast apps. You can also find written versions of all of our podcast episodes right here on the Intrepid English website. Each episode is around five to ten minutes long – perfect for a bitesize English lesson on your way to work!

Do you have a favourite English podcast that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments! Or if you’re an Intrepid English Member, share it with fellow students in our community!

Read the news in English

Keep up-to-date with global events while also practising your reading skills by reading or watching the news in English. (You can use English subtitles to begin with.)

As well as online newspapers, why not try reading or subscribing to an English language blog on a topic that interests you, or following an English-speaking vlogger or YouTuber?

Practise a hobby in English

When you are having fun, you are bound to retain information and be consistent with your learning. If you love baking, why not try out a recipe in English? Are you a sports fan? Watch interviews or read articles about your preferred sport or sportsperson in English. Perhaps you love reading? Join a book group or reading club to practise reading in English. Did you know Intrepid English has a free online reading group? You can join us every Wednesday to read and discuss articles, blog posts, books or poems chosen by Intrepid English Teacher John. Interested in joining? Simply send us a message hello@intrepidenglish.co.uk with the subject line ‘Reading Club’.

Join a fun online community of fellow English learners

Remember that, as with most things, practice makes progress, and sticking with it is key. Having a friend or teacher to study with and keep you accountable can help you stay on track and be consistent.

The Intrepid English Community is a fun and inclusive online space for English learners all around the world. By becoming an Intrepid English Member, you gain access to our extensive library of online self-study courses, as well as downloadable audio lessons, worksheets and one-to-one lessons with an Intrepid English Teacher. Share your progress, ask questions, and network with fellow students in the community space. Membership plans start from just £49/month.


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